Hunny Bunnies Gone Wild

Image of a male cyborg shot by a female cyborg.

If only he had chosen a better pickup line...

Camera Tip 1: Close Ups and POV

A very common thing for Second Life photographs to have is the default Camera distance, we’re usually floating a couple of meters above and behind our AVs. This is great in giving us a more distant perspective in daily activity, and it lets us be aware of our environment. There’s an alternative however that allows us not only to live in a closer and more intense way: Try pressing control-0 (zero) to close up and control-8 to move away. Control9 will reset your view. Walking around with a closer POV sseems to be more “emotionally intense” to me, and when walking around a new or favourite sim, it allows your mind to absorbe a new option.

They called it “Home”

Image of a young female cyborg on a ship, deep in space, overlooking the planet Earth

Image of a young female cyborg on a ship, deep in space, overlooking the planet Earth

When I create a look for an avatar, there’s always a compulsion to find just the right environment to fit it in, or (pun fully intended) to make it look like it’s at home in it’s environment. This is a stunning sim that seemed to suit the purpose. Throw in a little windlight to add the mood: dark enough to make it feel as lonely as space, backlit to create the sense of space and yet enough to illuminate the model’s features.

At first I thought that Windlight would be difficult to master. It’s not. I should start writing a Windlight post or perphaps a series of tutorials to inspire me to deepen my undertanding of it.

I sure do love Second Life!

How a ‘borg sees Second Life

This is just a texture I made for the interior of a visor to accessorize my cyborg AV. This is not photography, but it’s fun and silly.

How a borg seems (some) newbes in Second LIfe

How a borg sees (some) newbes in Second LIfe

Poses versus animations

I confess to having a preference to using animations for taking images. Other than the fact that you get more involved, waiting for the moment, having a variety of snaps to take, especially if the head and torso are set to lower priorities, it’s simply economical! Consider that an animation is a series of transitions from one pose to another. How many poses in a 15 to 30 second animation? Lots more than one. Further, with the the AV’s instinctual movements like trying to keep solid ground, or turning when you move your mouse I find that I prefer the flexibility. While I can appreciate that a static pose might be useful for those couple shots, I think, given the choice that I’d still prefer to use animations. Mind you, I’ve not done any, so I really can’t speak with any authority on that matter.

A reminder of Luis Royo

Image of a female cyborg amongst the ruins of Midian City

Image of a female cyborg amongst the ruins of Midian City

This is a very Luis Royo image to me. Beauty, ugliness, apocalypse, culture. No matter how I set my graphic card’s settings, however, I just was not able to get rid of the anti-alising on her hair. That’s annoying. Not my best work, but who said that a picture has to be perfect to evoke emotion and imagination?

Oh who am I kidding? This was an excuse to experiment with Windlight, me having just acquired a video card. /End confession.

The Zonja Capalini Mirror Technique

262 – Video test: Reflecting Carmen, originally uploaded by Zonja Capalini.

Now this is my idea of creative photography in SL. Zonja Capalini also does video with it, and it’s apparent that she works very hard on her shots, and they come out magnificently. Congratulations on your excellence, Zonja!

Found here.

What makes a good Second Life animation?

When photographing people, one of the more important items for creating emotion in a image is that of body language and facial expression. Deep and rich as SL is, there are understandable areas where it is lacking. This is one of them. So, our intrepid creators, along with the framework by the programmers allow us to play animations. I’m sure that in the beginning that this was intended for large gestures such as waving and such, but over time, people have adapted to it convey more subtlety and nuance to our characters. Enter the domain of animations and of animation overriders (AOs) Read the rest of this entry »


Image of a sad woman looking out at a cold, desolate landscape

Image of a sorrowful woman looking out at a cold, desolate landscape

Sometimes people go away, they don’t want to come back. You can’t change it and that’s just how it is.

The Far Away: Death, or New Life?

Image of an old row boat in a field of wheat

A pic taken at AM Radio’s The Far Away. Need it for a poster for a build that I’m doing. Not much comment to make other than a) Help AM Radio out with his charities, b) thank him, and c) Windlight is your friend :)

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