Newbies! Free Sexy Walk and AO (Animation Override)

So you come to Second Life, and you’re just plain Jane. You’ve figured out that all these old timers look soooo cool and that you are unhip!

I hate it when that happens.

Then you discover the shopping thing. Hair, dresses, you’ve even figured out that you don’t want to be “tits on sticks” (most newbie girls make giraff like long legs and HUGE bazoongas, whereas the males make their shoulders the width of a Mac truck and the waist the size of a toothpick).

And then one day… you see her. And she walks so cool and sexy… and you don’t! In fact, you waddle like you have a porcupine up your butt! :( What do you do? How does she do it? More importantly, how do you do it? Has she got a secret?

That my friends is no secret, it’s what we call an Animation Overrider (AO), or sometimes called “a sexy walk”. It’s a tiny little thing that you wear invisibly, that makes it so that you avatar moves in a certain way, automatically when you do things. When you walk, it makes a walking animation kick in. When you stand, it changes your pose automatically, when you sit, it makes you sit nicely.

Where do I get one? I want a free AO!

Image of the Free Second Life Animation Overrider offered by Imprerial Elegance

Image of the Free Second Life Animation Overrider offered by Imprerial Elegance

My friend Feodora Umarov (a.k.a The Walking Inventory) points to a Free AO that you can get here. Go and get it!

Stealing Second Life Animations

Found the folloing in the list of keywords that people used to find my site “second life stealing animations”. I certainly hope this it’s how to prevent theft, rather than practical how-to’s. As a photographer, I’m grateful for the talent, vision and work that people put into creating things that the rest of us can use, if the preferred way of being thanked is a few linden, then I’m happy to do that. Let’s always remember that the value of Second Life is that there are so many different people with differing visions and skillsets. Lindens make life easier, and it keeps the content creators creating. I certainly want more anims, and more AVs and more clothes and more toys.

Let’s not steal from creators. Let us support them.

SEO Stuff

I’m told that the only way to find people to speak with and meet on my blog is to do “SEO” stuff, that is to submit to directories. They all insist on being part of the template as if you actually valued them. The fact is they are making money from us and I feel scummy doing it, but I’m told this is what I have to do. So, it’s done.

None of the agreements said that I had to believe in the company, endorse them or even respect them, so I don’t. But it’s much like putting up with stuff simply becaue that’s how the system is. I don’t like it, it makes me feel scummy and cheap.

For the record. When it’s on my blogroll, it’s because I actually do like them. When it’s not, well, it’s not.