Death! Blood! Murder! (and other tender Kuula Moments)

It all started with an innocent prank, and little did any of us know that the evening would be changed for ever. Or until we logged off.

Nikko Dezno, probably while on one of his habitual drinking and driving car smashing sprees must have fallen asleep at the wheel. Well, actually being the car, he was the wheel, but I digress. Since Nikko AFK (otherwise known as smashed into the ground into an unrecognizable heap of scrap metal) was begging to be pranked, so, Quite Oh, dutifully and lovingly reached for her photoshop to create a simple graphic as a sign of respect and affection:

Old Busted Junk for Sale (cheep!)

Old Busted Junk for Sale (cheep!)

Just good clean fun. (Quite Oh nods her head earnestly.) But the stinker took it upon himself to wake up and totally ruin a perfectly good prank! This would not do! Having invested what must have been minutes in creating this masterpiece piece of graphic brilliance, Quite decided that it should not go unwasted, and promptly changed into her SteamPunk ‘droid AV (aptly named “What Happened?”)

Image of a steampunk messed up 'droid

Image of a steampunk messed up

A few snapshots here, a few snapshots there, and my friend Marisino Mosuke, always one with the attention span of a raven toward shiny things did what all good Eggs do in such an occasion: he started contributing.

Image of a steampunk messed up 'droid (2)

Image of a steampunk messed up

Little did we know the dark turn it would later take. At first, a spot of grease on the ground added just the right effect. Charming. Homey. Appropriate. But then…


We had noticed that someone had rezzed blood on the ground. Then more! AND MORE! It was as if the sharks in our psyche were already circling. We coud feel the tension in the air. The next thing you know, Marisino is lying dead on the ground (he does that a lot. <<shrug>>). Suddenly, I looked over and the area was cordonned off with yellow police tape and there was MORE BLOOD on the ground, in all of it’s primal #F0F0F0 goryness!

Set of scene of Quite Oh's framing for the Massacre of Kuula

Set of scene of Quite Oh

At this point, Quite, filled with terror (having learned it only today– Yay Terror!) she, like a glorious heroine spang into action and changed into her ‘borg outfit, equipped with a gun. It doesn’t fire, but she figured a bluff was better than some ratty old AV that looks like it was about to fall apart. Duh! What would you have done? Huh?

As she did so, ready to open her inventory and choose the Act Scary animation, she froze! Scrawled on the ground by a dying hand read the words “The droid did it”

Image of mayhem and a very famed Quite Oh

Image of mayhem and a very famed Quite Oh

Framed! Framed! Framed she is! Unfairly! Unjustly and… oh.. that’s my graphic.

Never mind. Heh <</me blushes>>

* Special thanks goes to Sandy Muggins for being so gracious as to die in the right place. Took a few tries but it made all the difference. Way to go Sandy!

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