SERIOUSLY Cheezed Off!

I’ve started a new project, I’m going to do an encyclopedia of the various species of avatars in Second Life, and on a coup-de-foudre, spent three hours taking pictures of all my friends and even going to so far as to asking help from the Midian City Nekos. I was flooded with acceptations, and all of these kind people took the time to come down to Kuula, and allow me to take their picture, and the wrote me notecards too.!

Example image of Quite's screwed up images

Example image of Quite's screwed up images

What happened? I had stupidly left show HUDs and UI checked, and also the images became corrupt! I am so incredibly cheezed off at not only losing 3 hours worth of photography, but also to have inconvenienced all the fine people from Midian, people whome I’ve never met to who have and offered me their time and energy.

Deep apologies to everyone! The project WILL go on, but it has a really rocky start. I’m not sure if it would be right for me to call some of you back. If it is, please IM me in world, or leave me a comment here and I’ll reach you again.

Thanks again, and sorry again :/

1 Comment

  1. Ghandi said,

    October 30, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    This kind of thing will happen. In the meantime, I look sharp.

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