Second Life Pet Peeve #3: Vendors with changing pictures

Second Life offers a lot of wonderful opportunities, limited only by our imagination… and the the technical issues. As we know, all textures must be sent from the server to our client, so dear retailers, freebie donors and people who put posters up: I know you want to save on prims, space and make the best use of all visual real estate. It makes perfect sense. I do too!

When you make a vendor, or board with alternating textures, you might want to consider making it slow enough so that the image can fully rez. You have a lot of really cool stuff that I’m sure a lot of us want to see, but if your whole display goes from unrezzed to grey, to unrezzed to grey, I’m sorry, I’m not waiting around for it.

In an overly commercialized word that has been carried into a commercial meta-world, we consumers and tourists are just as annoyingly demanding. If our attention isn’t caught in the first few seconds, we aren’t staying around long enough to see your wonderful display. We miss out on the opportunity to see what you have to offer, and you miss out on the opportunity to show it to us.

Other that slowing the rate of texture changes, I can’t offer you a better solution. Wish I could, so sorry, but please keep it in mind. The worse that can happen if you come up with simper or innovative new solutions is that people get the full value of what you are showing them if you do.


Second Life Profile and Other Image Sizes

So you want to upload an image but have a hard time figuring out what sizes to use for images. It doesn’t help that Second Life only uses squares or rectangles of sizes that on the whole don’t match most of the sizes we need to post. This list shows sizes and ratios so that you can easily resize images for optimum viewing.

Find out more here: