The Perfect Opportunity

So, I’ve just finished building my garage photoscene earlier, it was fun, I showed it off at Show ‘n Tell and that’s it, right? Noooo! Time to watch newbie S&T (don’t ever miss’em, some of these “newcomers” really kick butt–mine any way) and there he was: Large. Ponderous. Character just oozing outta him. TigerChub Torok. Big as life and twice as fun. As fate has it, he was a perfect model for this photoscene. I just had to grab it, and then moments later, Blu Laslo, in her boots and T-Shirt popped in. What a fun combo it was! About 124 shots later (yes, I’m not kidding. Told’ja that most of my shots don’t make it) here are some of the better ones.

Some of these shots are not perfect, arms intersecting with buildigns and such, but so what! The human element was so strong that I just had to include them.

Could Blu possibly have been looking in a better direction? Makes it seem as if there were a fourth party.

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Quite Oh’s Garage

Just a totally fun and trivial post. I started offering a friend, Nikko Dezno, a minoring texturing up. Next thing you know I’m building a whole garage photoscene (dressed up with Arcadia Asylum’s stuff). Here it is.

Image of Quite Oh's Freebie Garage

Image of Quite Oh

And of course every garage needs a good mechanic, which Miter Lorfield very kindly provided. When all else fails, there’s always someone around to help you fix you car. Ain’t Kuula great?

Photoscene build with Quite Oh watching Miter fixing my car

Photoscene build with Quite Oh watching Miter fixing my car

Interview with Brace Coral, founder of New Citizens Inc

Quite Oh: is teleported to Brace Coral’s home…
… and lands deep into the ocean

Quite Oh: Sploosh!

Brace Coral:  welcome to Teh Shack!

Quite Oh: Thank you. Is this TEH shack!? :)

Brace Coral:  Have a seat where ya like

Brace Coral:  Uh… the Brace Luv Shack!

Brace Coral:  lol

Quite Oh: :)

Image of Brace Coral and Quite Oh at Teh Luv Shack

Image of Brace Coral and Quite Oh at Teh Luv Shack

Quite Oh: Well thanks for taking the time, Brace. I’m doing a series of  interviews on the whole of the NCI crew on my blog, and as founding member, many of us thought it appropriate that you be the guiney-pi… er, first member interviewed.

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