Interview with Brace Coral, founder of New Citizens Inc

Quite Oh: is teleported to Brace Coral’s home…
… and lands deep into the ocean

Quite Oh: Sploosh!

Brace Coral:  welcome to Teh Shack!

Quite Oh: Thank you. Is this TEH shack!? :)

Brace Coral:  Have a seat where ya like

Brace Coral:  Uh… the Brace Luv Shack!

Brace Coral:  lol

Quite Oh: :)

Image of Brace Coral and Quite Oh at Teh Luv Shack

Image of Brace Coral and Quite Oh at Teh Luv Shack

Quite Oh: Well thanks for taking the time, Brace. I’m doing a series of  interviews on the whole of the NCI crew on my blog, and as founding member, many of us thought it appropriate that you be the guiney-pi… er, first member interviewed.

Brace Coral:  My life is an open book!

Quite Oh: I’m not a professional interviewer, but I’d like to record NCI’s living history

Brace Coral:  …a dog eared, well worn, dirty novel…

Brace Coral:  With stains!

Brace Coral:  hehehe

Quite Oh: That goes in the interview, you know :)

Brace Coral:  You know the history of this shack?

Quite Oh: I do not

Brace Coral:  Well, see about a year ago or so

Brace Coral:  I gave Linden Lab a countdown to fix stuff in SL,

Brace Coral:  well after three months of countin’ down on my blog

Brace Coral:  stuff was WORSE

Quite Oh: A count down?

Quite Oh: A deadline! Nice :)

Brace Coral:  so I tiered down to basic – sold all my land and became homeless

Quite Oh: OK, go on.

Brace Coral:  yeps a deadline :)

Brace Coral:  Carl found out I was homeless so he hooked me up here at the then new NCI Beach

Quite Oh: Nice :)

Brace Coral:  1. ‘cuz he’s the awesomest dude EVAR

Quite Oh: That goes in too :)

Brace Coral:  2. ‘cuz its MATURE and I can cuss and stuff without worryin’ about it

Brace Coral:  hehehe

Brace Coral:  Thats the story of teh luv shack!

Quite Oh: That’s a lovely story! :)

Quite Oh: OK, so, most obvious question: Tell us a bit about who Brace Coral is?

Brace Coral:  Well, I’m one of those people who lives a fair chunk of my life on the computer

Brace Coral:  always have since the first Trash-80s and bulletin boards came out

Quite Oh: Right, none of us can relate to that :)

Brace Coral:  lol

Brace Coral:  I’m pretty much the “me” I don’t always get to be

Brace Coral:  or in terms of my avatar – ever will be lol

Quite Oh: :)

Brace Coral:  Brace Coral is Amazon size, in RL I’m scraping 5ft

Brace Coral:  I’m loud, opinionated, and have various passions – Brace she gets to do all that

Brace Coral:  all the time

Brace Coral:  lol

Brace Coral:  which is why I get so pissed off at LL ‘cuz Second Life has so much dang potential and they squandering it IMHO

Quite Oh: What would you have them do differently?

Brace Coral:  well take for example the NCI

Quite Oh: Yes, lets :)

Brace Coral:  Linden Lab is STILL having meetings and discussions on how to retain users

Brace Coral:  I figured all that out from the get go, and that was one of the reasons I formed the NCI

Quite Oh: Yet NCI manages to do so quite well.

Brace Coral:  Having HELP. Having a community of people doing fun and interesting things. LEARNING!

Brace Coral:  THAT makes people stick

Brace Coral:  like “no duh!”

Quite Oh: I agree. I’ve often been told by oldbies that they wish they had the orientations we give

Brace Coral:  Me and my Spice formed a group – ‘cuz you needed THREE peeps back then to make a group stay

Quite Oh: Same now, I believe

Brace Coral:  and I stuck Helper into the title and sat at the WA and uhm… helped people

Quite Oh: Right

Quite Oh: WA?

Brace Coral:  Seems a no brainer but LL is still clueless lol

Brace Coral:  Welcome Area

Quite Oh: Right

Brace Coral:  It’s no more. They built a new fancier one now.

Brace Coral:  Basically people would live at the WA

Brace Coral:  I know me and my fam and friends did

Brace Coral:  before we bought land and all that

Brace Coral:  that was our home spot. To hang, meet people, help out, show off our latest whatsits

Quite Oh: So this group that you created, was New Citizens Incorporated?

Brace Coral:  New Citizens Inc

Quite Oh: Cool.

Brace Coral:  I wanted to use the letters C and I

Brace Coral:  and of course it was all about New people so I came up with that name

Quite Oh: Makes perfect sense.

Brace Coral:  it does?

Brace Coral:  lol

Brace Coral:  thats good to know :)

Quite Oh: In a Brace Coral kind of way? Fer sure!

Brace Coral:  lol

Brace Coral:  damn yoo were supposed to ask WHY the letters I and C??

Quite Oh: Oh! “Geez, Brace, why the letters I and C?”

Brace Coral:  Well see cuz there was this unofficial ENITY called the FIC (Feted Inner Core)

Brace Coral:  meaning oldbies who kiss butted with LL employees and got special favoritism and so on

Quite Oh: OK.

Brace Coral:  hehehe

Brace Coral:  so I wanted to be the antithesis of that

Brace Coral:  NCI > FIC

Quite Oh: And so NCI started as an act of constructive rebellion?

Brace Coral:  New people takin’ over the grid

Brace Coral:  yes and MOSTLY….

Brace Coral:  as an answer to LL’s inept so called Helper groups at the time

Brace Coral:  Wanna here a short story?

Brace Coral:  its true!

Quite Oh: Yeah, sure!

Brace Coral:  OK! One day (and multiply this by EVERY dang day I was at the WA) I was helping at the WA

Brace Coral:  and this person comes up to me and says…

Brace Coral:  “omg HOW do I help out?? I been waiting over SIX MONTHS to hear back from the LL Mentors Group”

Quite Oh: Right

Brace Coral:  I asked them a few pertinent questions, checked the profile etc and deemed them ok

Brace Coral:  handed them a welcome pack, invited them into the group as a helper and said

Brace Coral:  “OK. Now go help!”

Brace Coral:  they said “That’s it??”

Brace Coral:  I said “yep. That’s it!”

Brace Coral:  End of story

Quite Oh: Do you ‘member who this person was?

Brace Coral:  Perfectly good, eager wonderful people being snubbed by LL

Brace Coral:  and all they wanted to do was help

Brace Coral:  so took ‘em all in :D

Brace Coral:  Nah it was like three or four people every day

Quite Oh: So when did new land actually come in?

Brace Coral:  so the NCI started out as just a group. People helping and new people askin’ questions on the IM

Brace Coral:  well I had been renting this li’l patch in Kuula sim – for my store

Quite Oh: What was Kuula like at the time?

Brace Coral:  and a patch nearby came open for rent so I said aha! I bet I could make a lil spot where I could physically BRING people to help ‘em

Brace Coral:  it was just grassy areas, some buildings, little patches of nothing really

Brace Coral:  so I did :) I make a wall of free stuff, and a dinky li’l sandbox to help folks build

Quite Oh: And the Brace Coral collection is still the largest on the Freebie Boards

Brace Coral:  Yeps. I finally retired from being a clothier and put most of my items up for free

Brace Coral:  those are the best of the bunch – the Starter Avatars, a few outfits and costumes

Brace Coral:  and then Jamie Otis who had been the guy renting the land, he ended up selling it to me and that was the beginning

Brace Coral:  He was a HUGE help!

Brace Coral:  He gave us a break in rents and stuff and kept me appraised if any other land nearby was coming available

Quite Oh: Very nice.

Brace Coral:  Gotta give him mad props.

Quite Oh: Crazy fake furniture?

Brace Coral:  He ran (or mebbe still does) the TLC – The Learning Center

Brace Coral:  they did a lot of teaching, helping and stuff too

Brace Coral:  it was after taking his vehicle class that I got into making and selling cars

Brace Coral:  BC Motors :)

Brace Coral:  that was fun lol

Quite Oh: Right, it still lives.

Brace Coral:  Oh good!

Quite Oh: I wasn’t aware you made cars.

Brace Coral:  I took a lot of classes there

Brace Coral:  OMG!! BC Motors was rockin!!

Quite Oh: But I s’pose you make everything now.

Brace Coral:  I retired from that too when LL ganked the telehubs off the grid

Brace Coral:  I had the sweetest hub location for my main dealership

Quite Oh: They yanked telehubs?

Brace Coral:  Yes before P2P teleporting you would land at a hub

Quite Oh: ‘member, you’re 1582 days old of this writing; some of us are not familiar with the history of SL

Brace Coral:  Oh yeah

Brace Coral:  Fang young’uns!!

Brace Coral waves her Old Lady Cane at ya!

Quite Oh: C’mon Gramma, put yer dentures back in and wag that tongue!

Brace Coral:  lmaoooo

Brace Coral:  So like, if wanted to go a certain place. it would land ya at the nearest telehub

Brace Coral:  and you had the fly the rest of the way there

Brace Coral:  or walk or hitchhike or whatever lol

Quite Oh: It’s easy to take certain things for granted now.

Brace Coral:  None of this flitting from exact point to point

Brace Coral:  Yeah

Brace Coral:  So having a business at a hub was pretty sweet

Brace Coral:  “BC Motors: Cars for Chicks!”

Brace Coral:  That was my slogan

Brace Coral:  lol

Quite Oh: :)

Quite Oh: So then, how long were you involved NCI?

Brace Coral:  hmmm lessee

Brace Coral:  About couple years I guess. Might hafta check with Garnie [QO: Garn Conover, member of the NCI Board of Directors; For a pictorial time line, see].

Brace Coral:  He Knows All.

Brace Coral:  … The timeline and junk.

Brace Coral:  My memory sucks.

Quite Oh: He’s on my list :)

Brace Coral:  Good!

Brace Coral:  The biggest thing we did now that we had land was events – aside from classes – but events were the main thing back then.

Brace Coral:  So Show and Tell was the most popular

Quite Oh: Still is :)

Brace Coral:  Thats how I met Carl Metropolitan :)

Brace Coral:  and Noobie Salsa

Brace Coral:  Q and A

Brace Coral:  Some of those events are still staples of the NCI lineup

Quite Oh: What did they show and tell, do you ‘member?

Brace Coral:  Makes me proud!

Brace Coral sniffles

Quite Oh: Yes they are!

Brace Coral:  Yes I have a documentation of a lot of those on my Snapzilla feed – my album list

Brace Coral:  Should be under the Noobies one

Quite Oh: URL?

Brace Coral:

Brace Coral:  That will getcha started.

Brace Coral:  Search for my name under albums.

Brace Coral:  I think I still have the most lol

Brace Coral:  I used to be Queen of Snapzilla,   i.e. the most photos evar.

Quite Oh:

Brace Coral:  that’ll werk!

Brace Coral:  I’m too scairt to click on urls – I might get booted

Brace Coral:  even have a pic of Carl’s first funitures

Brace Coral:  Now he has an amazing furniture biz

Brace Coral:  But his first bed was too cute :)

Quite Oh: So then we went from a group, to a place, to events, and now you’ve met Carl…

Brace Coral:  yeps

Brace Coral:  By then LL werked my last nerve once to many times and I realized in order to keep my (mental) health I had to step down from running the NCI

Quite Oh: Right

Quite Oh: So, how did Carl become involved in NCI?

Brace Coral:  Oh he just dropped from the sky like a dang ANGEL!

Brace Coral:  Fell in love with what I was doing I guess, and when I stepped down he and buncha others took over

Brace Coral:  most of the Helper Crew came to the NCI as noobies needing help

Brace Coral:  again people STICK when you give em what they need and want

Brace Coral:  and have great people doing it

Quite Oh: That’s why I’m so attached to NCI
Quite Oh: Do you feel that he’s continued your legacy in a way that you had originally envisioned?

Brace Coral:  OMG Quite!

Brace Coral:  Carl and Crew have gone BEYOND any of my WILDEST Dreams for the NCI!

Quite Oh: What are you most proud of what they have done?

Brace Coral:  Pretty much the fact that Linden Lab employees give the NCI the respect it deserves

Quite Oh nods

Brace Coral:  We get contacted for all sorts of things, and Carl and fill you on most of that

Brace Coral:  since I just pass those things along if they come my way.

Brace Coral:  The fact that there’s ALL these campuses, and all these helpers and instructors

Brace Coral:  but most of all…

Brace Coral:  how Carl has managed to still PAY EVERY PERSON FOR EVERY CLASS even when Linden Lab stopped doing that

Brace Coral:  If I was still running things when all THAT came down, I tell ya the NCI instructors would have been assed out

Quite Oh: That is one of those things that I think people take for granted.

Quite Oh: “assed out”?

Brace Coral:  yah

Brace Coral:  as in “oop sorry y’all ain’t gonna get paid now either”!

Quite Oh: And this is where I put in the unabashed plug to keep supporting NCI for all the good work it does :)

Brace Coral:  YES!!

Quite Oh: Maybe I should put a little banner in the middle of the article.

Brace Coral:  Stuff does NOT run on its own. Money don’t fall out the sky

Brace Coral:  Yeah you should! :D

Quite Oh: And yes, Gentle Reader, I’m looking at YOU :)


Brace Coral:  hehehe

Brace Coral:  I couldn’t have kept things going like that. He’s done wonders

[Quite and Brace fall into a snipped long unrelated conversation (as is common ‘round Brace :) ). Apologies for the discontinuity.]

Brace Coral:  [We met] in Active Worlds. till I had to git the heck outta there

Brace Coral:  was fun there tho – till it got not fun :)

Quite Oh: Never heard of it.

Brace Coral:  I built soooooooo much

Brace Coral:  I think Ariel still has a world there

Brace Coral:  its pretty much like SL but started in the late 90s

Quite Oh: Good?

Brace Coral:  the avs suck, the building is 300% easier

Brace Coral:  Its; all ages which lead to me having to go

Brace Coral:  found SL doing a google search

Brace Coral:  and thas all she wrote lol

Brace Coral:  Ask around – the best builders – oldbies and midbies like me – 9 times outta 10, they came from Active Worlds.

Quite Oh: Really?

Brace Coral:  Yeps

Quite Oh: If I went there, would my building skills improve?

Brace Coral:  my dream 3D space is building like AW and avs like SL

Brace Coral:  Dunno – it might now work that way around – but yer welcome to try :)

Quite Oh: Just loaded the url (

Quite Oh: So, back to interview mode

Brace Coral:  oh yeah

Quite Oh: So, as Director Emeritus, what do you do now?

Brace Coral:  I take naps. I go fishing. I dance.

Brace Coral:  Ain’t gonna lie

Brace Coral:  I help at Kuula every now and then

Brace Coral:  until my compy goes GAH!!

Quite Oh: If there was something you could tell the new members about NCI that they might not know, what would you tell them?

Brace Coral:  Hmmmm

Brace Coral:  Most think that I love SL

Brace Coral:  I actually can’t STAND it

Brace Coral:  but this is where I meet with my loves ones, and my baby the NCI is here

Brace Coral:  so I guess I’m stuck

Brace Coral:  lol

Brace Coral:  I play A Tale In The Desert mostly now…

Brace Coral:  Pop in here once or twice a week

Quite Oh: OK, if there were one wish that LL could grant to NCI, what would that be?

Brace Coral:  a sim

Quite Oh: One full free sim, free of tier?

Brace Coral:  din’t have to think on that one did I lol

Brace Coral:  Yeps

Quite Oh nods

Brace Coral:  or heavily discounted tier

Brace Coral:  100L/month or summat

Brace Coral:  since WE keep half the people they claim to have on their resident count – sticking, staying and paying in SL

Quite Oh: Any final words, anecdotes to questions ‘fore we close up?

Brace Coral:  yeps

Quite Oh: We’re all ears

Brace Coral:  Take things SLOW. Take your time with EVERYTHING. You don’t hafta be the design or building diva all in the first three months

Brace Coral:  and take things VERY VERY SLOW when it comes to online relationships

Quite Oh nods emphatically….

Brace Coral:  and don’t give out ya personal info. I been together with my fam for over 5 years and we still don’t know the RL particulars about each other

Quite Oh nods again.

Brace Coral:  “OMG I’m in LOVE!! Here’s all my passwords!” umm NOT!

Brace Coral:  Thas my advice :D

Quite Oh hears *chiching* You have paid WasOnce MyLover all your linden

Brace Coral:  Oh and one last thing…

Brace Coral:  do NOT tell Bracey all about ya RL stuff. I so do NOT wanna know!

Brace Coral:  drives me nuts

Brace Coral:  I barely know the crap goin’ on with my RL friends

Brace Coral:  I swear. all that outpouring of peeps biz – always makes me wanna pass out

Brace Coral:  hehehe

Brace Coral:  and I dint cuss that much either

Brace Coral:  I been workin’ on that

Quite Oh: Brace Coral, founder of New Citizens Inc, and bonne vivante, thank you for your time and energy! :)

Brace Coral:  Thank you for yours!

Brace Coral:  can I show you the cars I built now?

Brace Coral:  lol

Quite Oh closes the interview and resumes being a real person now :)

The Rambler

Brace Coral shows off her favourite early build of a BC Motors car: The Rambler

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