The Plywood Web Comic

It’s plywood! No! It’s a comic! No! It’s Plywood, the Web Comic. And it’s really funny! :)

You simply must check out this comic. Its the funniest SL comic Ive ever read.

You simply must check out this comic. It's the funniest SL comic I've ever read.

Second Life Newbies! Get Free Stuff here!

A short list of freebie places for newcomers in Second Life. We all start with nothing, we all want to look good, and we all want to explore what is possible. These freebie places are actually part of the learning experience. I went though this phase, and I’m willing to bet that most have as well. This listing is about as complete as a handful of sand next to a beach. Freebies are one of the nearly unlimted things in Second Life. You don’t *need* money in Second Life.

Some of these places are very well organized, tidy, categorized and clean. Others are a bordello of stuff randomly scattered in barely recognizable categories. There is SO MUCH of it, that just setting these things up is a massive task, so I can understand that a generous sim owner would have limited time. At the same time, these “messy” place are kind of fun, in a bazaar kind flavour. Dig, root and discover!

The first of course, if you are new is to visit New Citizens Inc. to find not only freebies, but great training to get your Second Life started in style. If you want to learn, find our main centers, if you are primarily interested in the freebies you can find the InfoNodes. Find a list of of NCI locations here.

A short list of Second Life Freebie places: More than you can handle. NOTE: stores often change places, just as websites often move pages around. If one of these links does not take you to where it says it should, please let me know so that I can update this page. Bonus points if you give the the new updated SLURL. Thanks!

MIA – West World Pixeldolls Tom Boy  Pixie Dolls Unusual
Tonnes of freebies of all kinds. Clothes, shoes, boots, bikes, toys and even a hobo romani. Even has a couple free Sexy Walk replacers. Looks like a bunch of merchants and freebie givers have banded together. Fun place. Check it out.

Tooter Claxton Avatars and Vehicles main store
The store with vehicles and avatars is in the stand outside, inside the salon, next to the stage are the freebies. Visit for news and info. It’s not that tooter has a greater quantity of freebies, but rather that he creates an “interesting” ambiance. I like the place and his style.

The Free Dove
This place is one of the older and better known freebie store. Lots to offer, skin, jewelry, clothes, hair and AO’s.

The GNUbie store
I remember this place fondly as I started my career as an obsessive shopper in Second Life. Not only is the stuff super cheap (free and dollarbies), but it’s really good too! I have great affection for this place. Once located in Indigo, it’s not in Powder Mill. Where else can you buy an entire 799 prim prairies church for L$1? Also a great place for dozens of free furry avatars.

YadNi s Junkyard – Newbie Paradise – SINCE APRIL 6th 2004

FIRST ORGANISED FREEBIE STORE IN SL -6500 Clothing Avatar Object Texture Anim Script Vehicle House Sculpt Money Tree LEARN AREA. I remember scooping up all the shiny pretty things even if I didn’t know what it was. I got my first wings here. *sniff*.

Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise!
This place is old as dirt and gets bigger by the day. Another fond memory. This is a place where you can find pretty much any kind of thing that exists in SL. A must go-to.

Freebie Dungeon (In Deva Loka)
At the time, this was the orginal freebie bordello. I remember being totally blown away by the sheer quantity of stuff. And it was all in piles and heaps, wedding dresses next to pose balls, next to wierdo BDSM stuff next to scripts next to… I think you get the idea.

This place is large, well organized, and has stuff that I haven’t seen elsewhere. It’s a German sim with a really great feel to it. It’s obvious to me that the builders here are skilled and thoughtful people. Free cosutmes, free avatars, free eyes, free shoes, free clothes… you name it. As an aside, they have some really great walking animations!

And the ower of the above store (Ralfi Beaumont) sent me to this place.

Forou Freebies Store & Game Center
Probably the easiest freebie place to browse that I’ve seen yet.

Here are more that I’ve become aware of since.

Enjoy! And remember! Inventory management is a survival skill in Second Life!

And if you want to keep up to date, and get annoucements for free skins, clothes and you name it, go in-world and join The Freebie Telegraph, as well as checking out The Freebie Telegraph’s interweb-bloggy-thing.

How to steal Anything in Second Life!

Second Life is so cool, but why pay for the things that other people have worked hard to build and created when you can save yourself $1.25 US and simply rip them off? In fact, you can simply snarf people’s stuff for FREE then re-sell them and make BIG MONEY, here’s how:

Step-by-Step instructions on how to steal hair, shoes, clothes, skins, huds, scripts, animations and anything you can think of in Second Life and get aways with it legally!*

Copybot download link is at bottom of page.

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How to find New Citizens Incorporated in Second Life

How do I find help in Second Life? Where do I go in Second Life to find answers to my questions? How do I learn things? Are there classes, tutorials or primers to learn how to do things in Second Life?

New to Second Life and looking for some basic newcomer (newbie) tips tricks and tutorials? New Citizens Inc. Is just the place to go. NCI’s mission is to help newcomers integrate themselves into Second Life in a wholesome, safe, peaceful and fun environment. We offer dedicated experienced and knowledgeable helpers who other than having been around the block more than once, are patient, courteous and IMO generous with their time.

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Dragon Fire

The only thing hotter than dragon fire is her wrath

The only thing hotter than dragon fire is her wrath

The return was not to home, but to grief. Hotter than Dragon fire is her wrath.

Not much to say about technique, but knowing when to grab a shot when it’s available!

Partial cure for the Bloodlines curse in Second Life

Have you ever been enjoying a chat with some friends, and then get “[Name] wants to bite you. You will get a free bite mark”? 20 times in one day?

Update 2008-10-22. The alert now reads “[Name] would like to give you a Vampire bite. This will register you with The Thirst::Bloodlines system, and you’ll get a FREE pair of bite marks. If you accept the bite, you don’t have to play, and if you get bitten, you don’t have to drink a potion to undo it. Say Yes to accept!”.

That’s Bloodlines. It’s a pestilence of spammers who are often inconsiderate and often rude when rejected. Apparently, being refused for unsolicited bites is grounds for calling someone a Nazi.

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Face lights: Theory, correct usage and making of face lights

This conversation has been coming up a lot lately, so I thought that I would write about it. The use, misuse and full understanding about lighting in Second Life, mostly as applies to facelights and etiquette, but can also be applicable to photography. Why do people wear so many bright facelights with a tremendous radius? I suspect it’s simply because they don’t understand the inner-workings of how Second Life works, as well as not really having been informed as to what the social impact is. It’s NOT an all or nothing thing, we don’t need to go on a witch hunt, we simply need to make a bit of knowledge available. That’s what I’m hoping this article will provide.

Note: All of these images are clipped from the top, hiding the menus. This was the result of batch processing without thinking. It was also a quick and convenient way of hiding personal information. Hopefully, the location of all relevant menus that are pulled down can be discerned when comparing to your own client. Additionally, some of the screen shots are messed up with odd bits such as lines and double title tags. You can thank my video card for that. It does that when taking snaps with the UI turned on. Sorry about that.

Facelights are a two edged sword

On one hand we want to enhance the appeal of our avatar, to see it in dark conditions and to generally highlight our best features. The pros and cons: The Pro side will make comments like this: “I just want to look nice, and remove the harsh edges from my AV”, “The lights enhance my look”, “Everyone tells me I need a light, so I got one.”.

The Con side might say something like this (copied near-verbaitim from unidentified freebie face light merchants): “Ever sit in a dark place, enjoying the scenery or perhaps a particle show, when someone with a facelight geared for disturbing fauna several miles away walks in and spoils the scene?”, or “I made this due to seeing some horrible facelights, so here you are, a face light that lights your face and chest and not the whole area…”

While it’s true that a facelight can really enhance your look (I often use one personally, and as a photographer, I use them constantly!). The trick is to use the facelight in a manner that in fact enhances your look, that doesn’t wash it out, or blind others. We want to make the best use of our light that we can without being light spammers.

Witness one of the very many examples that were the inspiration for this article. We shall name our subject Facelight Fanny.

Fanny shows us that people with mis-used lights DO exist. This is in the daytime, and her light overpowers the sun

Fanny shows us that people with mis-used lights DO exist. This is in the daytime, and her light overpowers the sun

That is not Chernobyle, that's Facelight Fanny! Note that in this scene, there are no chirping crickets. They've been cooked at 20 meters away by Fanny's facelight

That is not Chernobyle, that's Facelight Fanny! Note that in this scene, there are no chirping crickets. They've been cooked at 20 meters away by Fanny's facelight

Other that turning off the lights that belong to a build, other avatar’s lights and splashing them with an overly powerful light, there are other disadvantages, such as
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Second Life: Why is my skin corrupted? [Solution found!]

I’ve got a number of skins that are corrupted, most are freebies (thank goodness), but some are not. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve rebaked and to no avail. I’d like to try everthing first before I toss them out, just in case it’s fixable. Please let me know if you have an answer. Below is an example of what the typical messed up skin looks like.

OK, I’ve found a solution.
Step 1: Make sure that you can see your Advanced menu, to the right of the Help menu. If you do not, then press control-alt and D keys at once. That should bring it up.

Step2: Go to Rendering -> Features -> Palletized Textures (Control-alt F7. I have no idea what this is, but, it’s part of the solution). Toggle this to off.

Step 3: Rebake (reload the textures on your avatar) by pressing control-alt and R simultaneously.

Step 4: Toggle Rendering -> Features -> Palletized Textures again.

Step 5: Repeat step 3: Rebake by pressing contro-alt and R simultaneously.

Hopefully that should resolve the issue. If it does not, I’ve found that switching from one skin then back to the other (after having done this) sometimes makes the difference.

Good luck!

Of Elves and Metaverses

The thing I love about a new look is looking for the sim in which it looks right. Today’s images come from the Valinor sim, which is part of the Avilion sim. Despite the complaints that people (myself included) make about the quality of the images rendered, you have to admit that they are pretty darned good! Compare these kind of images to say Active World, There, or IMVU, there is simply no contest. Second Life wins hands down! Is it absolutely perfect? No. Is it immersive? Completely! Second Life (technologically) really has a major problem: It is actually so good that we can start complaining about the details, rathter than simply accepting lumpy ugly worlds that most others resign themselves to.

Anyway, end of digression and onto today’s pictures!

Close up of a female Elf in Valinor

Close up of a female Elf in Valindor

Image of an Elf in L'Renden, part of Valinor, Part of Avilion, Second Life

Image of an Elf in L'Renden, part of Valinor, Part of Avilion, Second Life

Image of an Elf in L'Renden, part of Valinor, Part of Avilion, Second Life

Image of an Elf in L'Renden, part of Valinor, Part of Avilion, Second Life

Small Second Life Gratitudes

People sill kvetch and complain about Second Life for a lot of things. That’s cool, I understand the human urge to compare the current with the ideal. In another vein, I’d like to compare the current to the past.

  • I have not had a shoe up my butt in ages.
  • Ruthing is pretty much a thing of the past.
  • I barely crash more than once every few days now (used to be several times an hour).
  • No more casinos! Yay!
  • Handling abuse of real-estate scammers!
  • Security seems to be handled (programatically) faster than before.

So those are a couple things to be grateful for.

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