Partial cure for the Bloodlines curse in Second Life

Have you ever been enjoying a chat with some friends, and then get “[Name] wants to bite you. You will get a free bite mark”? 20 times in one day?

Update 2008-10-22. The alert now reads “[Name] would like to give you a Vampire bite. This will register you with The Thirst::Bloodlines system, and you’ll get a FREE pair of bite marks. If you accept the bite, you don’t have to play, and if you get bitten, you don’t have to drink a potion to undo it. Say Yes to accept!”.

That’s Bloodlines. It’s a pestilence of spammers who are often inconsiderate and often rude when rejected. Apparently, being refused for unsolicited bites is grounds for calling someone a Nazi.

There are those who enjoy role-playing vampires. Great! Role-play, vampires, fantasy and all of these things are a part of what make Second Life enjoyable. What I’m not great with is that my home is being invaded by a constant plethora of biters. What’s more is that as with all spammers, if you unknowingly or without understanding what a “bite” is, get bitten, you get entered into a database. I don’t appreciate my name being added to a database without my full and informed consent.

A sign by many NCI landing pads that does not seem to be respected very often.

A sign by many NCI landing pads that does not seem to be respected very often.

At Kuula, a newcomer learning center, it has become a plague. I’ve IMed and even dropped note cards on the maker, Mars Bracken and have not received a response.

Now, finally, Mars has come out with a solution. I appreciate that he has responded to non-RP community members. It’s garlic necklace that you wear and click and it opts you out of the database. The Bloodlines Garlic can be found here. (Later: necklace prims are mod, copy and transfer. Additionally, a vendor is offered for free. I can seem to buy the vendor, but I have not figured out how to get it to dispense the necklace. Credit where it’s due: Mars has made a first step.) While this certainly is one step in the right direction, I also feel that it is a partial and very inadequate solution.

Why the solution is inadquate:

1) All users must know about it in order to use it. They are not protected by default
2) All users must know where to get it, which most will not know about.
3) All users must be savvy enough to know how to use it, which most newcomers are not.
4) All users must be willing to be added to a database, which many are not.
5) Isn’t spam opt-out universally understood as “confirmation” which only leads you to getting more spam?

If RL worked in the same manner, it would be legal to assault someone until the victim had discovered, found, filled out and filed out the paperwork to have the assaulter to stop.

The Bloodlines game should be OPT-IN for those to be invited to be bitten. To do anything else is to sully the name of what appears to be a very well enjoyed product. How many newbies (who are constantly preyed upon because they unwittingly click on any alert that pops up) simply accept the bite without understanding what it is? If you’ve never been bitten, you are not in the opt-out database; therefore you are still vulnerable to the plague. You have to accept a bite, and then opt out. Either way, it’s a frequent annoyance or database city for you.

A better solution: It’s easy to complain. It’s more respecful to come up with some beginning of a solution. Here is mine.

I’ve proposed this solution to Mars about 30-90 days ago. A free script or API should be distributed that affects the region, not the individual. When a Bloodlines player TPs in or a Bloodlines HUD is rezzed, it should announce itself via llRegionSay() on a specific channel. If it receives no response, then it is disallowed.

Region owners should be able to have a script that response with either “Accept”, “Warn-Rules”, “Disallow”.

“Accept” is self-evident. It’s for bite friendly sims. It has no effect on the game, and the game plays as it normally would.

“Warn-Rules” sends a region-owner specifed message to the Bloodlines HUD owner. Example: “This is how you may play”, “Please ask before offering a bite”, “You are requested to willingly abstain”. Whatever the particular sim owner deems most appropriate for their own sim. This permits the game to play as it normally would, but the user is informed of expected behaviour in that particular sim.

“Disallow” literally prevents bite request from being emitted. It would probably be good for the HUD user to be alerted of this fact so that they understand that the product is fully functional, but that the sim owner does not permit it to be active within the confines of their land.

This solution is feasable. I refer to the excellent MystiTool hud that performs just such a function. Some sims have this system where the user is politely asked to allow MystiTool to go into “Sleep mode” and when the user teleports out, all functions are restored to normal. I can appreciate this and have never failed (and have been happy to) allow MystiTool to go to sleep.

Note: Related to the above, an additional option for sim owners might be to have a greeter that informs the user entering a bite friendly area that they can expect to be bitten, and thus, the user having been informed and accepted may have no recourse to abuse reports for bite.

Now, Mars Bracken, I fully understand that as a vendor that you want your product to be promoted as widely as possible. And I’m all for that, and it MUST be done within the confines of full and knowledgeable consent of all parties. At the moment, this is not the case, and has had more than one player banned from various sims that I know of. If you want opt-in, the very best way is to have your enthusiastic players charm people into the notion. If a product is mostly accepted only by default or accident or misunderstanding might want to reconsider the offering and/or consider adding new ideas or markets. However the upside is that those who would be your hardcore loyal customer and fans would be clearly measured and marked out for you, and would be by the very fact of their enthusiasm a sales force.

A side idea, what if you created a promotional piece of material, a note card, or a web page that was used to charm the user into trying your product that your loyal customer base could use? You could count hits, get a sense of the market and still be respectful. A user is not forced to click on a link, and those who go, are those who have interest.

I believe that the use of such an addition to the popular game would have a three fold effect:

First, it would buy back some good will from the non-RPers toward the Bloodlines game. For those who have been harried and annoyed by players not respecting their right to peaceful enjoyment of non-RPers seeing the creator take a proactive stance in resolving the issue can only be good PR.

Secondly it would make clear to the players which sims permit and even invite this kind of roleplay and what kind of behaviour is expected of them.

Third, it would allow the Bloodlines creator an opportunity to accurately and in real-time collect a list of sims that DO encourage this kind of gameplay, add it to the website and permit the furtherance of the game in a way that is appreciated and respectful of all members concerned. (Let’s keep full disclosure of databasing in mind here, please).

A humourous (and potentially profitable note). A friend who has a say in the running of multiple sims humourously noted that “The game owners need to start selling vampire hunter kits. You pay them xL$ and get x number of stakes. Whenever you stake one of their vampires they loose all their blood. They would make tons of money :)“. Even though this was said tongue in cheek, I actually believe that it’s a good idea. This would, of course work only in Allow and Warn-Rules areas.

A call to action

Mars Bracken, I ask you to consider this deeply, and to make such a product available. I’m happy that you have found a successful niche for a product, and encourage your continued success, and would be willing to offer what thoughts and assistance I can to help you bring this new feature to light, in a win-win manner.

Please let me know.

PS: I have posted a link to this article on the bloodlines website at

Follow ups: Sarah Nerd is actually using the Buffy Bot to handle this pestillence. This is what an owner controlled region looks like for the vampires that don’t play nicely. Allowing for the proposed solution, no ejections or bans would be necessary.


  1. Darcy Blue said,

    October 20, 2008 at 12:44 am

    im just about had it with the bloodlines thing also. it seems to bother me on a regular basis. in fact Ive been planing to make a vampire hunter outfit or something and maybe find a way to get rid of the vamp pests from coming onto my sims and biting my comrades while there doing there usual constructive/destructive thing. in one of the last people to ban someone from a sim for something stupid but the bloodlines thing seriously seems to get on everyone’s nerves in my sims. if they set up the bloodlines thing closely related to that of the DCS combat RP huds then this wouldn’t be a problem. they have restricted zones of where they can work.

    Darcy Blue <3

  2. Bobbi Beres said,

    October 20, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Greetings dear friends

    Although I myself am a bloodlines user, I can not deny that I have a dislike of those stat vamps who have plagued SL over the past few months.

    I willingly became a vampire and I go into lengthy discussions with those I choose to bite. Those who deal with me at my sim are FULLY aware of what I take from them before I plunge my fangs into their neck.

    I see the possesion of souls as a great responsibility. For those of you who are not aware the ‘soul’ is sent to limbo after that intial bite that many have sent out unsolicited and is collected when you purchase the bloodlines HUD. This is why I go to great lengths to explain what a single bite means in RP terms to so many who cross my path both human and vampire alike.

    Of course I would also like to add at this point if I or any of the Black Raven Clan have bitten you in the past and you now have second thoughts about being bitten please feel free to IM in world and we will try to correct the situation.

    Kindest Regards

    Dark Queen of nightmares

    The Black Raven
    (OOC Bobbi Beres)

  3. DeadCat Mumfuzz said,

    October 20, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    This is a good way for unwilling victims to remove themselves from the game, but there should be a way to do it and not be still involved. The necklace just hides you on the Bloodlines list, you’re still there in the Database and can retrieve your items at will. I saw another article/blog that has a link for a free “bot” that will eject/ban a vampire who requests a bite without asking first.

    I am now being drug into “war” with a poser vamp for getting my partner away from his clan and wearing the Garlic necklace, thus taking her soul from him.

  4. Alidar Moxie said,

    October 20, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Another, possibly easier solution for the creator to implement (and quicker) would be to add the ‘garlic’ functionality to the request. Something along the lines of ‘No, don’t bite me, don’t ever bite me’ and make it a mandatory update to the HUD their players wear. Easy.

    Could do it along with your solution for a double fix, but it wouldn’t require sim owners to do a thing.

  5. Quite Oh said,

    October 20, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    @Alidar: I agree, this is a partial solution. If I understand well what you mean, when you click on the garlic after a request, your name and key is entered into a database that is shared by all the game players.

    This act, while it addresses one of the issues, that of persistent biting, fails to address two other issues:
    1) The protection of newcomers who haven’t got a clue as to why a blue box is talking about bites and garlic when they don’t even understand how to use remove the box from their hand and
    2) Our name is still entered into a database.

    Now I have zero reason to suspect Mars Bracken (and his/her team?) of being anything but upstanding totally trustworthy and respectful individuals, and at the same time, I cannot simply trust in the goodwill of someone who collects my name and key without my fully informed concent. The most upstanding individuals can have bad periods of time where they make decision that they normally would not make, or can be hacked or ripped off. Think about it: This database is a database of active and validated keys. What spammer would not love to get their hands on it? I’m not a hacker, but if I were to reach for the database, the first thing I would do is to get a packet sniffer on my own personal machine, sit in a quiet place with zero agents and watch the stream. Then I would initialize the hud and save that 60 second window of information and look for a domain, a database user name and a database password. Voila. Full access. SL does NOT run across SSL. It’s all open. How many players use this HUD?

    While we can be given assurances of “taking every reasonable precaution” and intentions of good will, no person or system is perfect. I did not join this game, the action that was initiated was against my will, I signed no terms of agreement, I was not informed, I offered no consent, I did not even initiate an interaction and still my name and key is in a database.

    I don’t know about you, but up to this point, historically, I don’t see that there’s a reason to have a high trust factor.

    I appreciate your idea for the streamlining that it offers, and it’s my preferences to stick to an adage I teach all newcomers: If you did not initiate it, refuse it. I prefer to have the power in the hands of the regions owner, because with him or her, I have at the very least a tacit agreement and acceptance of the rules of the sim, and further, I’m not databased.

  6. Pimpampel Magic said,

    October 21, 2008 at 3:23 am

    Hi @ll,

    I’m a Bloodlines Vampire too and like mmost of you, i hate those random biters too. Before i bite someone, i explain them what bloodlines is and when i feel that someone wants to become a vampire because he thinks it’s cool to run around and randomly bite newbies, i tell them that it’s not for them. And when i turn vampires i take them as my minions and my minions know that i hate it when they bite newbies randomly, they also know that i prefer feeding them than having them bite others who don’t want to become a vampire.
    And, what some of you misunderstood, Once you got bitten, your name is in a database, but not published on the bloodlines homepage. It only shows there once you buy AND wear the bloodlines HUD.
    Last but not least, don’t hesitate to report random biters to the Lindens and to Mars Bracken. Lindens kann ban them temporarily or permanently, and Mars can destroy them from Bloodlines.
    Any questions about Bloodlines? Contact me in-world, i will be glad to answer your questions if this helps to spread the word that there are good vampires too and not only randomly biting idiots.

    Pimpampel Magic

  7. Quite Oh said,

    October 21, 2008 at 10:23 am

    @Pimpampel: 2 items: The first is that many people will feel uncomfortable with having their name and key in a database without full and informed consent (FAIC) as much for the potential abuse that can take place. How many people would click the agree button if it read “A game wants to log your user name and avatar key in a database to that this stranger can play a game?”

    Related to the above point it has occurred to me that Bloodlines is not the only one to do this. Anyone who makes visitor counters can or might do the same thing. I can understand this happening as part of a purchasing transaction, but I don’t really care who is databasing me without my FAIC. This just goes to show that privacy and security issues extend to SL as much as any aspect of RL.

    Second point: I may not have made this clear enough at the beginning, so let me re-clarify here:

    I have no problem with the Bloodlines game at all. In fact, I encourage those who enjoy it to do so and share it with their friends. While I myself don’t play the game (my interests don’t run in that direction) many obviously do. I am perfectly at peace with those who want to RP whether it be Vampires, or Cowboys, or SciFi or you name it, as long as it’s full consent (and of course within LL TOS).

    My beef is specifically with those who fail to respect the parameters of role-play, bring it into non-RP environments. Had I been offered a request once in my lifetime, I would have thought nothing of it. Consider that 20 bites a day times 5 days in one week is 100 bites and in a month, that’s 400 bites. See how many non-RPers skin can get a bit thin on the subject?

    The purpose of this article is NOT to condemn any of the respectful BL RPers or MB, but to point out that the technical implementation of certain aspects of the game have a negative effect on non-RPers security, privacy as well as BL’s public image. And this is due mostly to the overlooking of the eternal element in humans: greed, selfishness and stupidity. I’m speaking of those RPers who don’t keep it in their sim: Spampires.

    IMO, Mars failed to keep two things in mind when designing the game. The first is that he trusted all people to be responsible, or more specifically, he may have failed to keep the behaviour of the infinity of idiots in mind. This is why I propose a sim-wide disallow-until-allowed approach. This is just good security practice. The second error was to not consider that people would eventually understand that their names and keys were being collected without FAIC and feel uncomfortable about it. Look at the real world, and note people’s reactions to it.

    How to totally satisfy me? Very simple: Region-owner controlled scripts that allow, inform or disallow the HUD. Let the land owner decide the terms of her own sim in the way that they control scripts and building, etc. The second is to provide an option for users to completely and permanently remove themselves from the BL database and provide adequate proof that the name is not simply checked “not visible” but actually removed.

    I recognize this will require creative thinking and some technical work on Mars Bracken’s part. That’s why I’ve offered to consult, or to bring ideas after having discussed with many of our fellow compatriots. The community is willing to help MB and BL to improve its product all around.

    An optional idea: instead of having garlic and a database, offer up a script (full copy and transfer, no[?] mod) that users can implement on their own and embed in any object that they care go that listens for the BL HUD. The HUD asks silently first if it may send a bite request. Those wearing it will simply send a disallow signal. This would protect them in non-protected sims. The advantage is no databasing and control over when to be bit or not as well as not needing extra prims. The disadvantage however is that it won’t work in no-script areas, but then again, nor will the BL HUD. It may additionally add a bit to lag, or be advanced to non-technical users. But a default invisi-prim embedded in the chest a-la-Mistitools could be offered by Mars, whereas experienced users could come up with other creative ideas.

    Is this solution absolutely flawless? No. Is it potentially workable? I would say so, especially if the community at large is involved. The point is not to complain, but to bring solutions to the table. This is my part.

    What is in it for us? A more enjoyable experience of SL, free of mosquitoes and an enhanced sense of security. What is in it for Mars Bracken and Bloodlines? Enhanced public image and the recognition of being a good, responsible and responsive community member. SL is more than a market. It is a community.

    Again, if anyone of the BL game is interested in open, good-willed, solution oriented discussion on the matter, I’m happy to add my voice so that all parties can better enjoy their Second Life experience.

    Boy. Early morning energy and the first cup of coffee does get me going, doesn’t it? :)

  8. DeadCat Mumfuzz said,

    October 21, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    I really doubt you’ll get a response from the designers. They used to make genitals and body fluids before this latest venture into cashing in on SL.

  9. Harper said,

    October 22, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Though I haven’t had a problem yet with any Bloodliners, I’m aware of at least one newcomer to the Metaverse who left in part because he’d been nailed by a player without request. Even wilder: it happened at the Blarney Stone, where you expect more civilized behavior than this — it’s Irish, after all. (There were other things going on as well, but the bite was part of it. I’ve spoken to him since, and he may be willing to log in again in future and give the Grid another try.)

    Playing the game politely, asking permission before nailing someone, is one thing; but just leaping on random strangers, especially newbies, and sinking the fangs in is another. I realize that part of the “romance” of the vampire is the hunter/stalker thing, swooping down on your prey. But Second Life is just like real life in the way that it’s a working, if more libertarian, society; and society has rules that everyone is expected to follow. This behavior goes outside the rules, except perhaps in the goth/vampire sims.

    If I had a way to, I’d put an auto-ban on anyone playing Bloodlines in my store unless they were willing to play by the social as well as game rules. As it is, I’m going to make a graphic similar to the one above and hang it on my store wall, offer a free copy to anyone who wants one, and include a request to people who get “bit” to report the biter if it’s unwelcome to me and my landlord. I even wonder if Linden Lab should be notified of an attack as a TOS violation.

  10. DeadCat Mumfuzz said,

    October 23, 2008 at 6:46 am

    Doing the math on just the Unaffiliated (Curse) members, 240224 x $L599 = $L143,894,176 or $568,690.75. Add to that the amulets, blood containers, spikes, and potions plus all the users in clans.

  11. Solo Mornington said,

    October 26, 2008 at 7:04 am


    Quite, I appreciate that you don’t want to be in a database, but really, it’s too late:

    Anyone can come and take your UUID and your name and enter them into a database. There’s nothing that can be done with this UUID and/or name that couldn’t be done without storing it in a database. The fact of the database is immaterial; it’s just a better place to store it for some purposes. And there’s really nothing anyone could do with your UUID or name. They’d just have it.

    The vampire game is very stupid. People who play it are annoying. The way the game works is that it annoys you into playing.

    The solution I would propose if I were evil would be a HUD that lets you send a blue dialog box to the would-be vampire saying, “You are being very annoying. Someone is getting rich off the fact that you are annoying me, and it isn’t you. That makes you a tool.” [Accept] [Decline]

  12. December 15, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Does anyone else notice that the people against BLOODLINES sound like rational people and the people for BLOODLINES sound like people you’d never want to talk to in real life?

    To quote Pimpampel Magic:

    “Before i bite someone, i explain them what bloodlines is and when i feel that someone wants to become a vampire because he thinks it’s cool to run around and randomly bite newbies, i tell them that it’s not for them. And when i turn vampires i take them as my minions and my minions know that i hate it when they bite newbies randomly, they…” etc.

    The most disturbting thing about the above is that Ms. Magic (or Mr. Magic) appears to be one of the more rational participants in BLOODLINES. However, most BLOODLINERS are not as well-spoken as Mr. Magic (or Ms. Magic). And I think Mr./Ms. Magic sounds a bit of a crackpot.

    The mysticism and, yes, romance of vampirism has, thanks to BLOODLINES, given way to little more than an evil spawning of spam and a Ponzi scheme.

  13. Firebird said,

    January 10, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Most of the complaints I have heard about Bloodlines is about players going after newbies who are unprepared to understand what they are getting into. My proposed solution (which I have imed to the creator) is to make it illegal to bite avatars under 90 days old.

    I accepted a bite once to be polite, but was cautious and didn’t rez the resulting inventory item. As a result, I was immune to further bites, but without having to participate in the game.

    Those of you who are tired of being bombarded by bite requests can do what I did. Or you can go get a garlic necklace. Either solution is quicker and more effective than waiting for Bloodlines or its players to be reformed.

  14. February 5, 2009 at 8:25 am

    I just came up with a simple solution to the whole issue and I’m surprised I haven’t seen it elsewhere before. I am going to submit it to Mars to see if he’s willing/able to implement it. Not being script savvy, but having a software background I cannot think of a strong reason why it couldn’t be implemented.

    Here’s the idea: Require that the victim be wearing a bite mark before they can be bitten. For completeness, add a new “status” to the bite mark: Unbitten. Every vampire has a copyable set of bite marks (at the very least in the HUD since the bite request will hand over a set.) If the only way you can bite someone is if they’ve already attached the marks then the question of random bites completely goes away instantly.

    You’d have people IMing requesting to bite, but that leads to a conversation about what it means, how it works, etc. And that’s a good thing.

  15. Murphy Alderson said,

    February 19, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Here’s your problem with this. You are assuming that Mars Bracken and the rest of the spampire promoters actually give a leap about the people in SL. They don’t. They don’t care their reputation is sullied.l They care, only about the people that can be tricked into buying their products. While I’m sure there are people who actually RP bites. I have met only one in all my time in SL. Out of the oodles and oodles of bite requests I have received, only 1 was done in RP. And that includes when I visited the liquid designs sim – all the bite requests I received there were random and anonymous.

  16. DagnyT Dagger said,

    February 20, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    That’s a good idea Corvan, but I’m certain that Mars, et al, will pooh-pooh that because it does them zero benefit. They don’t care about how people are bitten, only that a huge number are. The law of averages dictates that a certain percentage of those bitten, will spend money on the bloodlines stuff.

    It’s the same thing that makes Nigerian e-mail scam so successful for the people that engage in it. If the number of victims drops by 95% (which it most likely would if the person being offered the bite was fully informed – specially about their information being entered into a database which Mars & Co. will NOT remove upon request) – so would their profits.

  17. March 4, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    […] your prospective “victim” if they’d like to be bitten.  In a comment I made to another writer, I said (edited for length): Playing the game politely…is one thing; but just leaping on […]

  18. Lucid Placebo said,

    June 9, 2009 at 4:28 am

    Greetings, my name is Lucid Placebo on the program Secondlife. First and foremost I am a vampire of Hellion rank. I understand that the “Bloodlines Vampire Empire”. Can be annoying for some, but what I do not find interesting is walking into a Program that does not offer different forms of interaction. Bloodlines is a great way to force yourself to interact with people. I turned into a vampire within my first day of playing Secondlife, and I have enjoyed the friends I have met through the game itself. The Vampire Family we have created has grown to the size of over 1200, inside of that community we have Arena’s, Dancing Events with DJ’s. We host Weddings, and we even fight DCS. Now if you really want to complain about the “Bite” requests thats fine, but I presonally have more problems with people who are actually on my friends list wanting to Teleport me to different places. Or Clubs with mountain loads of Email adverstisements.

    People complaining that Their “Name” is on a website. Its a Secondlife name it isnt even your “Real Name”. Which if we all wanted to be realistic we would understand that what actually effects us is things in Real Life. For people who say “I have only met one person who roleplays and I have met mountains of Vampires”. Then you must be hanging out at a Nude beach, because there is multi Vampire Roleplaying sims/ castle lands. There is people in all sorts of characters in Secondlife to the point it is almost like when you ask someone they don’t just reply “No I am not a vampire” they might reply: I am a Demon, Neko, Angel, Lycan. All which are different role playing things. They might be Gorean or into Warps/ DCS/CCS. Like it or not you are going to be turned onto alot of different things, “SPAM” is apart of real life. We see it in Commercials, with everyday advertisement you see. Everything has a “Name Brand”, and you cannot escape marketting or else you will just have to close your eyes.

    Now for all of you who are moaning because it is an unbareable experiance to endure, go pick up a Garlic Necklace they are FREE. You want a developement response to stopping the madness? Its like drugs….. JUST SAY NO. Mute the person, they do have that option you know. You can pick up Vampire Scanners, and Mute every single one if you like when it comes up that they are a Vampire. Hows that for hunting? They just dont exsist to you anymore.

    Waiting to bite people for 90 days? Lmao 3 months? My avatar isnt even 90 days old. Hardly any of the Avatars I know are 90 Days old. They made a 14 day limit to the biting, thats 2 weeks. If you are not familer with things in 2 weeks you are either inactive or a slow learner. In which case you have a world of hurt coming to you in the real world when you go to fill out a check for a gallon of milk.

    For the person above about the crackpot. Good luck meeting normal people in Secondlife because odds are they are going to lie to you about 80% about who they are, and most people play as characters or in some form of organization. You yourself are in a form of organization right now participating to curve the “Ponzi SCEME” revolution lmao. It’s a game, and it will be played as so. You are not going to find people that want to hold your hand one something as small as a “Hug Animation”. Its nothing to be concerned with, and it is actually pointless to even get in moan about. Because people are going to do what they like to do, and that is play games.

    If you want to learn about Vampires let me know I will teach you all I can. I am a good person in Secondlife, and I go out of my way for people. A good idea would be to put it so you can only bite people that are on your friends list. That way they have to have some close bond to you in order for the whole thing to even take place. In all reality I have spent way to much time and I would like to go hunting now. Hopefully I will meet more open minded individuals that enjoy a program for what it is, and that is to be played as a game.

  19. Delta1 said,

    August 5, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Delta 1 writes: Hahhahah wake upp the whole bloodlines game is not a pyramid game but a scam. look at the top players crimson clan blood evolutions etc. there are souls being sold on so called black market they go for around 750 ls a piece i know for fact that 95 percent of crimson clan is bought fake alts. Same with selling of blood the former Devea clan owned by majestika evanier and her numberous alts had the tanks stockpilled in cellar verry stupid btw. I lost count at about 100 tanks of 100 liter rattled her cage a bit and now she merged with crimson clan. One of the alts of the crimson clan owner is anna elfenbein wich had alone for about 6500 usd in blood. wich is now hidden on bloodlines page. prob bought from merchant who sels souls too called blood banx/previous owner of tanks and openly advertising with it. The crimson clan has about 7375 souls so far ….. you would think. But no they are scattered under several different other clans too just to hide em all and so ppl wont notice so there are actually more. And you think that bloodlines wouldnt notice all the inactive accounts nor linden labs ?????? its one big scam. Btw for annyone who wants to visit the crimson clan look on map its right underneatch bloodlines sim and called sanquins keep and hollow coincidence? nah dont think so why else would i end upp when using teleport lm out off majestika evaniers profille in the tower where mars bracken creator of bloodlines stores his personal vendor refilling objects look inside the two towers at bloodlines. There bloodlines your little dirty secret is out have a nice afterlife.

    • Quite Oh said,

      August 5, 2010 at 9:03 pm

      While I’m not familiar enough with the game to comment on your post, I do recognize one simple element. People will go to great lengths to “game” the system. What amazes me is that most of the people who are willing to game a system, usually end up putting in more work than if they had used it legitimately. All humans follow the path of least resistance. It’s not a character flaw, but human nature. I guess what we see in instances like this is a miscalculation of effort expended. The human creature is innumerate by nature and the only cure is critical thinking. Not an easy sell.

  20. Lucita Sorrowsong said,

    November 25, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Just a note, the BL game actually, well, sucks (no pun intended) all us Vampires pretty much do is either bite people to get souls (which is useless because people trade and sell them constantly or otherwise cheat) or spend L$ buying blood. Vamps have no combat hud, special powers, or anything worth while. All we have are fangs and cool animations (bought separately) Woohoo pffft

  21. aruba19 said,

    October 15, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    Bloodlines is nothing compared to that sadistic wet dream HUNGER. The HUNGER vamp game should be banned from the grid outright. As for Bloodlines, just wear the garlic, activate it, take off the necklace and be done with it. You’re protected from bite requests thereafter.

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