How to find New Citizens Incorporated in Second Life

How do I find help in Second Life? Where do I go in Second Life to find answers to my questions? How do I learn things? Are there classes, tutorials or primers to learn how to do things in Second Life?

New to Second Life and looking for some basic newcomer (newbie) tips tricks and tutorials? New Citizens Inc. Is just the place to go. NCI’s mission is to help newcomers integrate themselves into Second Life in a wholesome, safe, peaceful and fun environment. We offer dedicated experienced and knowledgeable helpers who other than having been around the block more than once, are patient, courteous and IMO generous with their time.

Offered here is a directory of NCI locations. To help with search engine ranking we use the following keywords for the InfoNodes: NCI InfoNodes offers information, help, class schedules, and freebies for New Players, New Residents, or Second Life Newbies. Operated by New Citizens Incorporated.

Who is New Citizens Incorporated? (and I quote)

NCI /New Citizens Incorporated is a portal to the Second Life® virtual world.

Designed primarily for new residents, but open to all, NCI offers a host of resources for SL residents, including: in-person advice from our team of NCI Helpers and NCI Land Officers classes, contests and social events, interactive tutorials, freebies, help notecards and landmarks, sandboxes for building, a new residents mall, Ginny Gremlin park, “Live Help” via New Citizens Inc. group channel, SL maps, games, newsstands with free in-world publications, Home Spots (places where new residents can set “Home” to at each NCI campus), and associated special interest groups (such as NCI Scripters and NCI Business Forum).

NCI’s offers an extensive schedule of classes and events (over 60 a week), held at our campuses, and at venues of partner companies. NCI classes include basic and advanced building and texturing, clothing and accessory creation, scripting, and land ownership. We also hold other basic SL classes, such as Intro to SL, Using the Search Menu and Maps, Avatar Makeover, and SL Consumer Skills. NCI events include Show & Tells, Parties, Blitz Building contests, New Player Q&A, and our longest running event—our weekly Newbie Salsa.

NCI operates four Second Life campuses: NCI Kuula (the original and largest NCI location), NCI South (at Hamnida, directly adjacent to the South Welcome Area), NCI Beach (by the sea in the Class 5 Fishermans Cove sim) and our newest location NCI Duchy of Nova Civis (our first entire sim). NCI also manages thirteen NCI InfoNodes, located near or adjacent to Linden InfoHubs. InfoNodes serve as “mini-NCIs” with information, freebies, landmarks, maps, and schedules, providing information to new residents where they first rez, when they first rez.

NCI classes, events, and resources are free and open to all.

NCI is entirely resident-run and financed and is unaffiliated with Linden Lab. Land and tier for NCI’s four campuses has been purchased by NCI or donated by NCI members and supporters. NCI continues to pay its instructors, even after Linden Lab abandoned class funding in December 2006. NCI is not-for-profit and is funded via through individual donations, sponsored advertising, and by RL and in-world businesses that we conduct NCI-branded classes and events for.

NCI Website:

NCI Blog:

NCI @ SL Wiki:

Need to find some live one on one help quickly? Here is where you can visit us:


View of NCI Kuula learning center

View of NCI Kuula learning center

Kulla is NCI’s first location ever. It is important historically, one could argue that it is “the main base”, and it is usually very very busy. Kuula also has two (count’em 2!) Sandboxes in which you can learn to build. The smaller one is usually the “social” area where you can find all the freebies as well as the lesson boards. The larger one is where we hold events such as show and tell, the building blitzes and where you can play with your larger builds.

New Citizens Incorporated also has a mall where new players can sell their creations! Free vendor space to new players under 120 days old. Please contact Nardok Corrimal for details, or touch the information orb on the upper promenade.

View of NCI Beach (Fisherman's Cove) learning center

View of NCI Beach

Fisherman’s Cove a.k.a Beach. Smaller, more compact, but Party Central. Never been to a party in Second Life? Consider our TGIF (Thank Goodness it’s Friday) parties organized by Beverly Montgomery. Of course all of our freebies and instructional materials can be found there, as in all of NCI’s branches. The NCI Beaches Sky Classroom can be found here, the ground-based classroom is here.

View of NCI Nova Civis Caledon learning center

View of NCI Nova Civis Caledon learning center

Nova Civis Caledon. I particularly enjoy the classroom here, it is large and well set out. There’s a socializing area and a sandbox is the sky for low lag. If you appreciate Steampunk style, this will be one place you’ll feel at home.

View of NCI South (Hamnida) learning center

View of NCI South (Hamnida) learning center

Hamnida (NCI South Sandbox). One of my favourites. Hamnida, as does most of our locations has a sandbox, class area, free Second Life stuff, and I just happen to particularly enjoy the feel of the place.

NCI Caledon Annex, (Formerly Caledon Academy of Virtual Wizardry). Love ancient Scottish Castles? I do!

NCI also collarborates with other organisations. Here are some other locations

A collaboration of NCI and the Independent State of Caledon!

Info Nodes! Maybe you are looking for the freebie or information boards, but don’t really feel like hanging out? Check out of of NCI’s InfoNodes.

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  1. October 29, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    […] The first of course, if you are new is to visit New Citizens Inc. to find not only freebies, but great training to get your Second Life started in style. If you want to learn, find our main centers, if you are primarily interested in the freebies you can find the InfoNodes. Find a list of of NCI locations here. […]

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