Cool Profile Line

Just a cool line in a profile. I agree with it.

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – All’s Well That Ends Well. Act 1 Sc 1.

How to complain effectively

Second Life purchase gone wrong! What do you do when you don’t get your order? I’ve paid L$500 for a product and I didn’t get it! What can I do? My friend Seshat write a valuable, solid common-sense how-to (Second) Life skills artilce for dealing with an order gone wrong. Excellent article, Ses.

How to complain effectively

You bought something – maybe from me, maybe from someone else – and you’re not happy with it. How do you get satisfaction?

Conversely: sellers, how do you know when a customer is doing their best to be fair about a transaction they’re unhappy with?

And how do you avoid being the Unruly Customer in a seller’s blog? This guy made it all but impossible for the seller to help him!

Read her article here.

Metaverse Places: First impressions

This is an exploration of a 3D virtual world called Multiverse Places. It is a totally stream of consciousness type of post. Expect neither rhym nor reason. You’ll probably get little of either. You’ll be learning and discovering it along with me as I go. I have no agenda or plan other than to explore and learn. For those not familiar with me, be aware that my bias is that I discovered virtual worlds though Second Life and that this exploration will be compared to the only other world that I know.

Multiverse Places
Based on the videos available from Mundus, it seems to be using the Mundus Engine, which itself seems to use the OGRE 3D platform.

Let the exploration begin!

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