4 friends a 1950s Caddy and lots of messing around

Doing a photoshoot on one’s own is a piece of cake, even if it takes patience. Toss in 4 friends 1 prop and a bunch of no build locations and you get a heck of a hard time finding a great shot–‘specially when it’s spur of the moment. Turns out that I got a good shot, and had lots of fun none-the-less :)

1950\'s scene with friends in Second Life

1950's scene with friends in Second Life

Thanks to Nikko Dezno for the Caddy, DarthBlueAfro Cummings for the impetus and Salaamata Afarensis for the great company!

Vampire Peer Pressure

Ah yes.  Vampire Peer Pressure at it’s best. I landed in Transylvania, just ’cause I was ‘sploring. The greeter read as such “Welcome to Transylvania’s VAMPIRE EMPIRE, Quite Oh. This is a Safe Haven for Vampyrs  NOT A RP SIM Use teleporter to get around. We DO NOT TOLERATE  ranting drama/public sex/asshat behavior. BLOODLINE HUD USERS WILL BE BANNED NO ?’S ASKED”.

Even vampires ban bloodlines.

Even vampires ban bloodlines.


OMG! Where’s Quite?

In the deeps of Africa, Quite Oh while searching for the last Blue Diamond of Eternity was myteriously murdered by an blood thristy psycopathic Tse-tse fly!


Braving the terrifying height and oxygen deprived lands of Katmandu, Quite is volunteering her time helping the sick and under-nourished children, as her tall, dark and handsome (and ruggedly sexy) counterpart is nearing the perfection of the Cure for Cancer…

Shoot. Scratch that.

Deep in the Amazon forest, her tall dark and handsome…

Never mind. None of that is gonna fly.

I’m on short-term hiatus, taking care of unfortunately more mundane (“Create World Peace” is still on the to-do list), yet quite necessary affairs. I’ll be back to spread joy and sunshine wherever I go, and complete my work on SculptieCat to boot!

See you soon everyone, love ya!