Free Second Life Skins at Fleur

When I first came to Second Life, I had the look of the time: About 3 feet tall, ugly red mesh hair and pasty skin. I was born as a Ruth, the default avatar shape. My vanity being what it is, you can quite imagine that as soon as I saw some of the prettier AVs at Ahern, that I wanted to change my look.

When you’re brand spanking new, you have no money, no clue. You just don’t know where to start. I was lucky enough to find Tete a Pied, a store that gave away a really nice skin for newbies under 30 days. CJ Carnot who now runs Fleur (use to be Tete at Pied) continues the tradition of giving away an excellent free skin for Second Life beginners.

I’d like to thanks and honour CJ for this. Of course it’s good advertising, of course it creates loyalty and good will. More importantly, though, it demonstrates a community spirit, and attitude of giving, sharing and generosity toward newcomers.

Free Skins for Second Life newbies at Fleur

Free Skins for Second Life newbies at Fleur

Thank you.

So come and get your lovely free skins at Fleur.