How to be a succesful merchant in Second Life

How to be a succesful merchant in Second Life (or How to make money in Second Life)

It starts with attitude.

[Note: This *is* a rant. And as a rant it may paint some vendors with a wide brush. Those of you who feel targeted might consider that this feedback from a potential customer is useful. Those who are in fact excellent vendors may agree, and see what they are doing well. For another side of the story, see How to complain effectively.]

The other day, I met some lovely people. A vendor who sells oddball animations. They are well done and funny. They were selling dollarbie poses, entertaining enough that I’d be happy to send someone to take a look it and and decide if they wanted to spend L$1 per anim. So I blogged it.

Later, having met her and a couple of her friends, I enjoyed their good company, I also blogged a very funny pose. I blogged it because it was funny. One of the friends asked me if I would blog their freebie. “Is it notable? Is it worthy of blogging? Is it extraordinary in some sense?” “Oh! It is! It’s quite the thing!”. Read the rest of this entry »

Bogon Build, East of Odyssey. A fun-time build to check out.

Today, we get to play in the extraordinary build, created by blott Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. It’s a giant, self-building “city” that grows, decays and then rebuilds itself in a random manner. The texturing is great and there’s a lot of fun around this build. Lots of nooks and crannies for any photographer wanting to practice speed shooting, ’cause you never know when it’s going to fall apart on you! I recommend this as a totally fun build to check out. As we were there, the builder showed up. I just had to pounce on take the occasion to speak with him. Transcript as follows.

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

[13:42] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And the really cool thing is that it breaks apart and drifts up periodically in certain locations

[13:43] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And then rebuilds itself completely differently

[13:43] Quite Oh: Wow!

[13:43] Jaco Schaffner shouts: I’m already lost in the maze

[13:50] Quite Oh: And the sheer randomness of it gives it’s its own lfavour

[13:55] Jaco Schaffner: someone is creating a new ‘nature’ here

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: It all disintegrated

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: Rebuilding now

[13:57] Jaco Schaffner shouts: the eye stalk is looking at me

[13:57] Marisino Mosuke shouts: Face?

[13:58] Quite Oh shouts: Did you miss the big mouth with huge teeth and a tongue?

[13:59] Jaco Schaffner shouts: it’s alive!

[14:01] Jaco Schaffner: Maris the builder is here

[14:01] Quite Oh shouts: JUMP HIM! HERE’S HERE
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What a big newb!

2009-06-22-Big Newbie At Kuula

This was one big newb! Even Quite wasn't sure she could handle him!

(Thanks Omegadox Korobase for being AFK when I needed you to be :))

Second Life Newbie Help Places

Looking for help in Second Life? This is a list of verifed places Second Life Help Centers in all languages that I can find. I am actively soliciting more information on newbie help centers. Please leave a comment if you have some, including the slurl. I’ll check them out, and if they’re valid, I’ll add them here. Thanks!

Additionally, you can always IM me in world for a copy of this as a note card with with embedded landmarks.

Kick butt pose at Sugar Mill

I was hanging out a bit earlier at Sugar Mill with Anicia Medici, Necia Harchester (both pictured here) and Omaire Abattoir. Fun people! as I was wandering around, I caught Anicia touching up another free pose. This one kicks-ass. (Literally). You can get her kick-ass animation at her store.

Free Kick-butt pose in Second Life!

Free Kick-butt pose in Second Life!

Sugar Mill Grove: Free poses and animations

I have two primary interests in Second Life. The first is to be a newcomer helper, mostly, at NCI. The second is that I enjoy photography. That said, I keep an eye open for freebies that I can point new people to, and I keep an eye open for free poses and animations in Second Life.

With that in mind, how can I avoid mentioning that Sugar Mill Grove is giving away free animations and poses.

I thank Anicia Medici for her generosity, and creativity. Based on what I’ve seen in her store, her particular bent is not the so-frequent glamour poses that we see, but group poses, or creative and dorky stuff. Fun stuff is good!

Check out the animations, and when you download the 15 free animations, either buy one that pleases you, to reward her, or simply send her a thank you note. People often forget that freebies take time, work and energy to created. Nothing quite warms the heart as someone who expresses their appreciation of it.

Sugar Grove Mills is giving away 15 free Second Life poses

Whoops! Noticed later that they are dollarbies. Still a great deal!

Overheard at Kuula, no parties named

So ya, like I just fed my cat and hacked the NSA, and they called me up and said “Pleeez stop hacking us, ur 2 1337” and I said like Ya! pwnd! And they said stop and I said like clear my parking tickets and they were all like “OK!” and stuff, and they said “pleeze don’t pwns us anymore” and said like Ya, OK. ’cause I pity you weak-ass luzers and stuff. And I can drive as fast as I want now.

Miter Lorefield, lovestruck and begging

Apparently, Miter Lorefield has taken it upon himself to once again try to woo me though his well honed art of begging. While I have never truly appreciated what an art form one could make of sucking up, I admit it: I’m floored. Miter Lorfield has now taken to wooing me publicly, for all to see, going so far as to taking credit for bumping my google ratings on the use of my blog title. In all fairness, he did suggest that I subscribe to Credit where it’s due. And now, the question is, with Miter Lorfield licking Quite Oh’s (admittedly tastefully selected) boots, what do I do when I meet his SL partner? How embarassing!

Note to Taegan: Really, I’m not encouraging him, I’m just trying to be polite! I think of him as my brother. You know, the brother that gets drunk in Las Vegas, dissapears for several years and only calls when he needs money? The kind that manages to find your phone number, regardless of how many times you move and change your number? Yeah: That brother. Really.

Mystery: A secret ingredient to a great photo

Have you ever been in a rut, and only recognized it when you see someone else’s work? I’ve just had that experience. I am, admittedly someone who is still learning SL photography. I’m pretty good on the angles, the lighting, the framing. That’s, fine, but it’s merely the basics. I’ve had this unrecognized itch that my images were lacking punch, emotion, but I wasn’t quite sure how to get around it until I saw this shot by Connie Arida. So it’s very retouched. I can live with that. Seeing this image brought me just the notion that I needed: that a good photo is as much about what is left out, as what is framed. Ever notice that good monster movies keep the suspense up by NOT revealing the monster right away? They hint, they tease, they imply, and as such the audience is captivated by wanting to know what the monster looks like. That’s a trick to engaging content. I realized that while my photos may be ok technically, that emotionally, I was much too explicit. I’ll be working on that for the next little while.

A wonderful shot by Connie Arida, pointing out that sometimes the best part of a photograph is what is not included.

A wonderful shot by Connie Arida, pointing out that sometimes the best part of a photograph is what is not included.

Quite Oh, Cyborg in the light.

Cyborg in the light. (from profile pic to vanity pic)

Cyborg in the light. (from profile pic to vanity pic)

2009-06-13 I was thinking of updating my profile pic. Full body shots are rarely useful for it, but I’d gotten the lighting just-so on this one, so I thought I’d share it. Call it a vanity pic. Unretouched, of course.

Added it to my flickr stream too:

This shot was taken in Midian City