Miter Lorefield, lovestruck and begging

Apparently, Miter Lorefield has taken it upon himself to once again try to woo me though his well honed art of begging. While I have never truly appreciated what an art form one could make of sucking up, I admit it: I’m floored. Miter Lorfield has now taken to wooing me publicly, for all to see, going so far as to taking credit for bumping my google ratings on the use of my blog title. In all fairness, he did suggest that I subscribe to Credit where it’s due. And now, the question is, with Miter Lorfield licking Quite Oh’s (admittedly tastefully selected) boots, what do I do when I meet his SL partner? How embarassing!

Note to Taegan: Really, I’m not encouraging him, I’m just trying to be polite! I think of him as my brother. You know, the brother that gets drunk in Las Vegas, dissapears for several years and only calls when he needs money? The kind that manages to find your phone number, regardless of how many times you move and change your number? Yeah: That brother. Really.


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