Bogon Build, East of Odyssey. A fun-time build to check out.

Today, we get to play in the extraordinary build, created by blott Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. It’s a giant, self-building “city” that grows, decays and then rebuilds itself in a random manner. The texturing is great and there’s a lot of fun around this build. Lots of nooks and crannies for any photographer wanting to practice speed shooting, ’cause you never know when it’s going to fall apart on you! I recommend this as a totally fun build to check out. As we were there, the builder showed up. I just had to pounce on take the occasion to speak with him. Transcript as follows.

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

[13:42] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And the really cool thing is that it breaks apart and drifts up periodically in certain locations

[13:43] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And then rebuilds itself completely differently

[13:43] Quite Oh: Wow!

[13:43] Jaco Schaffner shouts: I’m already lost in the maze

[13:50] Quite Oh: And the sheer randomness of it gives it’s its own lfavour

[13:55] Jaco Schaffner: someone is creating a new ‘nature’ here

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: It all disintegrated

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: Rebuilding now

[13:57] Jaco Schaffner shouts: the eye stalk is looking at me

[13:57] Marisino Mosuke shouts: Face?

[13:58] Quite Oh shouts: Did you miss the big mouth with huge teeth and a tongue?

[13:59] Jaco Schaffner shouts: it’s alive!

[14:01] Jaco Schaffner: Maris the builder is here

[14:01] Quite Oh shouts: JUMP HIM! HERE’S HERE

blotto Epsilon: Creator of East of Odyssey, an living, self-constructing build in Second life

blotto Epsilon: Creator of East of Odyssey, an living, self-constructing build in Second life

[14:01] Jaco Schaffner: on the sofa-on-a-spring

[14:02] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Cutea Benelli (19m)

[14:02] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Jaco Schaffner (2m), blotto Epsilon (3m), Marisino Mosuke (7m)

[14:02] Marisino Mosuke: We were admiring this build that you helped with, I understand?

[14:03] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Collision with “cutea’s sofa for big asses”, Owner: blotto Epsilon

[14:03] blotto Epsilon: yes, i built this with cutea

[14:03] Marisino Mosuke: It’s very creative

[14:03] Quite Oh: Love the rebuilding!

[14:03] Marisino Mosuke: Yes, that rebuilding and the way it does it randomly is grand

[14:03] blotto Epsilon: yes, we never know what its going to build :)

[14:04] Jaco Schaffner: great creatures too

[14:04] Marisino Mosuke: We recently watched the entire thing fly apart, so it’s rebuilt itself from scratch not long ago

[14:05] Marisino Mosuke: I love jumping around on the outside and then have it disintegrate under my feet

[14:05] Jaco Schaffner: what are the things that fall from the sky?

[14:05] blotto Epsilon: falling stuff? just peices breaking off

[14:06] blotto Epsilon: to allow for new growth

[14:06] Cutea Benelli: so basically the falling stuff is…falling stuff!

[14:10] Jaco Schaffner: is it your brain in that thing down there?

[14:10] Cutea Benelli: haha

[14:10] blotto Epsilon: :D

[14:10] Cutea Benelli: that is not a THING

[14:10] Cutea Benelli: or wait

[14:10] Cutea Benelli: actually it is a thing

[14:14] Quite Oh: I think I’m going to blog this. How about I ask you 3 frequently asked questions for the article?

[14:15] blotto Epsilon: there are frequently asked questions? :)

[14:15] Quite Oh: OK. Whose idea was it to create this intensly chaotic random act of wierdness?

[14:15] Cutea Benelli: his fault!

[14:15] blotto Epsilon: it wasn’t so much an idea as an accident

[14:16] Cutea Benelli: i just stand around and look pretty

[14:16] Quite Oh: And, as a follow up: What here you on at the time, and where can we get some? :)

[14:16] Cutea Benelli: s’all his fault

[14:16] blotto Epsilon: lol, good question

[14:16] Quite Oh: No, seriously though, this sucker rebuilds itself every what? 5 minutes? What is the basic principle to making all the pieces connect?

[14:17] Marisino Mosuke: Cor, that is too awesome to look at it from the top and see the interconnected rooms

[14:17] blotto Epsilon: it was inspired mostly by my unwillingness to build, so i wanted somethign that built itself

[14:18] blotto Epsilon: it grows/decays continuously…then about once an hour it falls apart completely and starts over

[14:18] Marisino Mosuke: Very clever

[14:18] Quite Oh: And how long did it take you to put this together?

[14:18] Cutea Benelli: unless one of us decides to blow it up before that

[14:18] blotto Epsilon nods at cutea

[14:18] blotto Epsilon: it took about a month, i guess, but there’s been more tinkering since then

[14:19] blotto Epsilon: i never finish anything :)

[14:19] Cutea Benelli: truth!

[14:19] Quite Oh: And apparently neither does your build :)

[14:20] blotto Epsilon: lol

[14:20] Cutea Benelli: lol

[14:22] Quite Oh: I notice it does tend towards cone construction

[14:22] Quite Oh: Is that common, or just this round?

[14:22] Marisino Mosuke: There’s a giant foot up there

[14:23] blotto Epsilon: it grows within whatever bounding region i give it, which at the moment is a box….so tends to grow like a bush

[14:23] blotto Epsilon: a narrower box will make it more vine-like

[14:23] Quite Oh: AND youi give a way a totally awesome hat. As far as I’m concerned, this is the look for the season.

[14:24] blotto Epsilon: cutea is a master hatsmith

[14:31] Quite Oh: So anyting else cool you would like to tell us about this build, or maybe about some other builds that you’re proud of so that the readers can check your stuff out?

[14:33] blotto Epsilon: i would add that cutea sells some related goodies at her shop Grim. Bros. post-apoc, steampunk + grunge Fashion & Accessories, proceeds of which go to charity

[14:34] blotto Epsilon: i don’t have anything else to share yet…this was my 1st build

[14:35] blotto Epsilon: it was a fun learning experience :)

[14:36] blotto Epsilon: we laughed a lot while we were doing this

[14:40] Quite Oh: Well, thanks for sharing this build with us, I consider it a must-see. Thanks for your time!

[14:41] blotto Epsilon: bye.
[14:41] Cutea Benelli: bye!

[14:41] Teleport completed from secondlife://East%20of%20Odyssey/213/154/31

PS: Get the hat. It’s cool!

Get a free bogon hat while you check out the cool build!

Get a free bogon hat while you check out the cool build!

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  1. August 12, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    I’ll check this place out ASAP … cool. Nice write-up!

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