NCI and Caledon communities. Time for a rapprochement.

Lately there’s been a malaise in the air. NCI and Caledon management have concluded their business relationship. NCI rented space from Caledon, we lent our services to them, and our name. In exchange, we got a nice space in which to give classes, help orient newbies, but more importantly, we made friends.

When you mix with people, forming bonds is nearly unavoidable.

I’ve been discussing with some people about it, and I’ve heard the following: Caledon and NCI people aren’t sure of the relationship we should have with each other. Are we friends? Enemies? Strangers? We aren’t sure how to deal with each other.

I think it’s time we dragged it out in the open. It’s time for the drama, the discomfort and the hard feelings, if there were any, to end.

The helpers and community of Caledon are heartily welcomed to NCI, and I hope that for you at Caledon, that you may feel the same toward us, at NCI. While there is no plan for each of the communities to re-engage at a business level, I think that we, as communities should not mistake the past actions of some prominent people as being indicative of our own hearts. NCI has open arms and an open heart toward the members of Caledon Oxbridge.

We welcome you here. Come spend time with us.

We are still friends.

And I think it’s time for both the communities of Caledon and NCI to relax with each other, and re-open up to each other, and rekindle our ties. For those who have felt tension, let’s let it go. Now, if some individual members maybe aren’t yet at peace with it, I respect that, and give you the space you need, but know that you are welcome.

We need to remember what we do: We help welcome newcomers into Second Life. We give them information, we teach them skills, we help them form bonds. Why would we not continue to do so among ourselves?

I say we do.

So let’s let the drama slide, put politics aside, and simply focus on the reason we come to second life in the first place: fun relationships with like-minded people we enjoy.

I’m game, and I hope you are too.