NCI Snow Country!

NCI acquires Snow Country!

NCI is opening a new brand new space, dubbed NCI Snow Country, located in Hughes. We are very pleased to thank Cory Flanagan for his very generous donation of 30,000 tier free square meters of beautifully landscaped snow land.

See the announcment here.

A Machine’s Dream…

A Machine's Dream... Picture taken at Quite Oh's first exhibition  (as contributor)

A Machine's Dream... Picture taken at Quite Oh's first exhibition (as contributor)

Hey! Come see an exhibition! A Machine’s Dream… An organic steampunk ecosystem in a giant hat, invoking a sense of mysticism, of a lost world where machines and organic life became one. See Quite Oh has been up to for the last 14 days! Free presents too. Only open until Sept 30, 2009.

About this build. First, it was started and initiated by Spiral Walsher, who then invited a number of us to participate. Contributing were

Spiral Walcher
Quite Oh
Andrek Lowell
Jopsy Pendragon
Sleeves Rhode
Deson Bowenford
Darlingmonster Ember
Tormented Twilight
Janet Rossini
Jenrose Meredith

This was the first time I had basically no limit on the prims I could use, and boy did I indulge! :) Also, for my part I built all my part in about 13 days straight.

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Bogon Build, East of Odyssey. A fun-time build to check out.

Today, we get to play in the extraordinary build, created by blott Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. It’s a giant, self-building “city” that grows, decays and then rebuilds itself in a random manner. The texturing is great and there’s a lot of fun around this build. Lots of nooks and crannies for any photographer wanting to practice speed shooting, ’cause you never know when it’s going to fall apart on you! I recommend this as a totally fun build to check out. As we were there, the builder showed up. I just had to pounce on take the occasion to speak with him. Transcript as follows.

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

[13:42] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And the really cool thing is that it breaks apart and drifts up periodically in certain locations

[13:43] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And then rebuilds itself completely differently

[13:43] Quite Oh: Wow!

[13:43] Jaco Schaffner shouts: I’m already lost in the maze

[13:50] Quite Oh: And the sheer randomness of it gives it’s its own lfavour

[13:55] Jaco Schaffner: someone is creating a new ‘nature’ here

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: It all disintegrated

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: Rebuilding now

[13:57] Jaco Schaffner shouts: the eye stalk is looking at me

[13:57] Marisino Mosuke shouts: Face?

[13:58] Quite Oh shouts: Did you miss the big mouth with huge teeth and a tongue?

[13:59] Jaco Schaffner shouts: it’s alive!

[14:01] Jaco Schaffner: Maris the builder is here

[14:01] Quite Oh shouts: JUMP HIM! HERE’S HERE
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