Marisino Mosuke at Kuula

Steely eyed Marisino Mosuke bravely fends of skeletal attackers at Kuula

Steely eyed Marisino Mosuke bravely fends of skeletal attackers at Kuula

Quite Oh’s Garage

Just a totally fun and trivial post. I started offering a friend, Nikko Dezno, a minoring texturing up. Next thing you know I’m building a whole garage photoscene (dressed up with Arcadia Asylum’s stuff). Here it is.

Image of Quite Oh's Freebie Garage

Image of Quite Oh

And of course every garage needs a good mechanic, which Miter Lorfield very kindly provided. When all else fails, there’s always someone around to help you fix you car. Ain’t Kuula great?

Photoscene build with Quite Oh watching Miter fixing my car

Photoscene build with Quite Oh watching Miter fixing my car

Serene Magic and Imnotgoing Sideways: Great combo

Serene Magic in Quite Ohs Build

Serene Magic in Quite Oh's Build

My friend Imnotgoing Sideways captured this great picture fo Serene Magic on a build that I’m workin on in Kuula. That Rocks, Immy :)

Death! Blood! Murder! (and other tender Kuula Moments)

It all started with an innocent prank, and little did any of us know that the evening would be changed for ever. Or until we logged off.

Nikko Dezno, probably while on one of his habitual drinking and driving car smashing sprees must have fallen asleep at the wheel. Well, actually being the car, he was the wheel, but I digress. Since Nikko AFK (otherwise known as smashed into the ground into an unrecognizable heap of scrap metal) was begging to be pranked, so, Quite Oh, dutifully and lovingly reached for her photoshop to create a simple graphic as a sign of respect and affection:

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Brace Beats Bejeezus out of Beautiful, Bodacious and Benificient Quite Oh

Sunday, August 3, 2008,
Kuula, Second Life

Before shocked and terrified avatars, Brace Coral, founding member of New Citizens Incorpororated went on a rampage of widly transforming from shape to shape until in a blinding act of Avatar on Avatar violence beat Quite Oh senseless. “At first, we thought she was having a good time”, quivered Nikko Dezno, fluid running down his pipes, “but then Quite hit the ground as if lightnting struck! We were all in shock, and then we looked up only to see Brace wielding a bat over her, with a wide-eyed yet placid look on her face”.

Quite Oh, who was allegedly beaten sensless, over and over claims to not recall the event, saying that “…everything was sort of hazy and unrezzed. It was like I was hovering above my body. I thought I was dying”.

Quite Oh remained motionless for a full three minutes before realizing that she had not died or frozen. Witness to this brutal and baffling act, Miter Lorefield managed to capture the dangerous woman in the act. Miter was logged to having cried out “Proof!”.

Brace Coral Beats Bejeezus out of Benificient Oh

Brace Coral Beats Bejeezus out of Beautiful and Benificient Quite Oh

The wild and cunning Brace Coral remains uncaptured to this day. Said a witness who was too chicken to give her name *cough*Disa*cough*: “I’m not turning her in! Brace is wild and crazy and sets fear into my heart. I tremble at the mere mention of her name! No way man!”.  Locke Cardway a less than sympathetic and well known shady character offered “Finally someone had the courage to do it. X-D”. Ms. Cardway is currently under investigation by the mean-people avatar squad.

A reward is offered: high quality cubes made of plywood from genuine Linden trees is offered for information leading to her arrest, or at the very least, serious tsk-tsk-tsking