Miter Lorefield, lovestruck and begging

Apparently, Miter Lorefield has taken it upon himself to once again try to woo me though his well honed art of begging. While I have never truly appreciated what an art form one could make of sucking up, I admit it: I’m floored. Miter Lorfield has now taken to wooing me publicly, for all to see, going so far as to taking credit for bumping my google ratings on the use of my blog title. In all fairness, he did suggest that I subscribe to Credit where it’s due. And now, the question is, with Miter Lorfield licking Quite Oh’s (admittedly tastefully selected) boots, what do I do when I meet his SL partner? How embarassing!

Note to Taegan: Really, I’m not encouraging him, I’m just trying to be polite! I think of him as my brother. You know, the brother that gets drunk in Las Vegas, dissapears for several years and only calls when he needs money? The kind that manages to find your phone number, regardless of how many times you move and change your number? Yeah: That brother. Really.

OMG! Where’s Quite?

In the deeps of Africa, Quite Oh while searching for the last Blue Diamond of Eternity was myteriously murdered by an blood thristy psycopathic Tse-tse fly!


Braving the terrifying height and oxygen deprived lands of Katmandu, Quite is volunteering her time helping the sick and under-nourished children, as her tall, dark and handsome (and ruggedly sexy) counterpart is nearing the perfection of the Cure for Cancer…

Shoot. Scratch that.

Deep in the Amazon forest, her tall dark and handsome…

Never mind. None of that is gonna fly.

I’m on short-term hiatus, taking care of unfortunately more mundane (“Create World Peace” is still on the to-do list), yet quite necessary affairs. I’ll be back to spread joy and sunshine wherever I go, and complete my work on SculptieCat to boot!

See you soon everyone, love ya!

Cool Profile Line

Just a cool line in a profile. I agree with it.

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – All’s Well That Ends Well. Act 1 Sc 1.

The Plywood Web Comic

It’s plywood! No! It’s a comic! No! It’s Plywood, the Web Comic. And it’s really funny! :)

You simply must check out this comic. Its the funniest SL comic Ive ever read.

You simply must check out this comic. It's the funniest SL comic I've ever read.

How to steal Anything in Second Life!

Second Life is so cool, but why pay for the things that other people have worked hard to build and created when you can save yourself $1.25 US and simply rip them off? In fact, you can simply snarf people’s stuff for FREE then re-sell them and make BIG MONEY, here’s how:

Step-by-Step instructions on how to steal hair, shoes, clothes, skins, huds, scripts, animations and anything you can think of in Second Life and get aways with it legally!*

Copybot download link is at bottom of page.

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Partial cure for the Bloodlines curse in Second Life

Have you ever been enjoying a chat with some friends, and then get “[Name] wants to bite you. You will get a free bite mark”? 20 times in one day?

Update 2008-10-22. The alert now reads “[Name] would like to give you a Vampire bite. This will register you with The Thirst::Bloodlines system, and you’ll get a FREE pair of bite marks. If you accept the bite, you don’t have to play, and if you get bitten, you don’t have to drink a potion to undo it. Say Yes to accept!”.

That’s Bloodlines. It’s a pestilence of spammers who are often inconsiderate and often rude when rejected. Apparently, being refused for unsolicited bites is grounds for calling someone a Nazi.

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Second Life: Why is my skin corrupted? [Solution found!]

I’ve got a number of skins that are corrupted, most are freebies (thank goodness), but some are not. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve rebaked and to no avail. I’d like to try everthing first before I toss them out, just in case it’s fixable. Please let me know if you have an answer. Below is an example of what the typical messed up skin looks like.

OK, I’ve found a solution.
Step 1: Make sure that you can see your Advanced menu, to the right of the Help menu. If you do not, then press control-alt and D keys at once. That should bring it up.

Step2: Go to Rendering -> Features -> Palletized Textures (Control-alt F7. I have no idea what this is, but, it’s part of the solution). Toggle this to off.

Step 3: Rebake (reload the textures on your avatar) by pressing control-alt and R simultaneously.

Step 4: Toggle Rendering -> Features -> Palletized Textures again.

Step 5: Repeat step 3: Rebake by pressing contro-alt and R simultaneously.

Hopefully that should resolve the issue. If it does not, I’ve found that switching from one skin then back to the other (after having done this) sometimes makes the difference.

Good luck!

Small Second Life Gratitudes

People sill kvetch and complain about Second Life for a lot of things. That’s cool, I understand the human urge to compare the current with the ideal. In another vein, I’d like to compare the current to the past.

  • I have not had a shoe up my butt in ages.
  • Ruthing is pretty much a thing of the past.
  • I barely crash more than once every few days now (used to be several times an hour).
  • No more casinos! Yay!
  • Handling abuse of real-estate scammers!
  • Security seems to be handled (programatically) faster than before.

So those are a couple things to be grateful for.

SERIOUSLY Cheezed Off!

I’ve started a new project, I’m going to do an encyclopedia of the various species of avatars in Second Life, and on a coup-de-foudre, spent three hours taking pictures of all my friends and even going to so far as to asking help from the Midian City Nekos. I was flooded with acceptations, and all of these kind people took the time to come down to Kuula, and allow me to take their picture, and the wrote me notecards too.!

Example image of Quite's screwed up images

Example image of Quite's screwed up images

What happened? I had stupidly left show HUDs and UI checked, and also the images became corrupt! I am so incredibly cheezed off at not only losing 3 hours worth of photography, but also to have inconvenienced all the fine people from Midian, people whome I’ve never met to who have and offered me their time and energy.

Deep apologies to everyone! The project WILL go on, but it has a really rocky start. I’m not sure if it would be right for me to call some of you back. If it is, please IM me in world, or leave me a comment here and I’ll reach you again.

Thanks again, and sorry again :/

SEO Stuff

I’m told that the only way to find people to speak with and meet on my blog is to do “SEO” stuff, that is to submit to directories. They all insist on being part of the template as if you actually valued them. The fact is they are making money from us and I feel scummy doing it, but I’m told this is what I have to do. So, it’s done.

None of the agreements said that I had to believe in the company, endorse them or even respect them, so I don’t. But it’s much like putting up with stuff simply becaue that’s how the system is. I don’t like it, it makes me feel scummy and cheap.

For the record. When it’s on my blogroll, it’s because I actually do like them. When it’s not, well, it’s not.

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