A reminder of Luis Royo

Image of a female cyborg amongst the ruins of Midian City

Image of a female cyborg amongst the ruins of Midian City

This is a very Luis Royo image to me. Beauty, ugliness, apocalypse, culture. No matter how I set my graphic card’s settings, however, I just was not able to get rid of the anti-alising on her hair. That’s annoying. Not my best work, but who said that a picture has to be perfect to evoke emotion and imagination?

Oh who am I kidding? This was an excuse to experiment with Windlight, me having just acquired a video card. /End confession.

The Far Away: Death, or New Life?

Image of an old row boat in a field of wheat

A pic taken at AM Radio’s The Far Away. Need it for a poster for a build that I’m doing. Not much comment to make other than a) Help AM Radio out with his charities, b) thank him, and c) Windlight is your friend :)

Windlight experiment at The Far Away

I often spend time just practicing the getting the right shot. Since I’ve just recently gotten a new video card for my machine, today’s experiment involved playing with Windlight for the first time. It’s deep, rich and scary! And I can see that as of now it’s an absolute must-master skill for those to aspire to be the best SL photographers they can be.

Clear blue water at AM Radio's The Far Away

This particular image uses the Costal Afternoon lighting and the Clear water setting. I wanted to balance the lovely gold of the field, matching the dresse’s red with the light umber light of the afternoon and the clear blue of the sky. I like the way it turned out, but in the future, I’d like to have a better understanding of how to edit the sky. Compare this with the default blue water.

Default blue water at AM Radio's The Far Away. Provides a stonger contrast/horizon

Default blue water at AM Radio

This was taken at AM Radio’s The Far Away. AM is a master of creating sims that are deep and rich, and emotionally evocative. Some people’s sims are a testament to their building ability, other’s their vision and creativity. AM’s are simply the kind that speak little and evoke a quiet stirring in our soul.