Maybe it’s time to come back home

I logged back on to SL, after what has it been, six months? Feels longer. And I remembered why I enjoyed it so much. I got caught up on some news and it helps me feel a bit more connected. I might be ready to come back soon. Read the rest of this entry »

Quite Oh, on extended hiatus

Dear friends,

I’m sorry, but I won’t be returning to SL for quite some time. I won’t go so far as to say that it is permanent, but it will be for an extended period. There are a number of reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

NCI and Caledon communities. Time for a rapprochement.

Lately there’s been a malaise in the air. NCI and Caledon management have concluded their business relationship. NCI rented space from Caledon, we lent our services to them, and our name. In exchange, we got a nice space in which to give classes, help orient newbies, but more importantly, we made friends.

When you mix with people, forming bonds is nearly unavoidable.

I’ve been discussing with some people about it, and I’ve heard the following: Caledon and NCI people aren’t sure of the relationship we should have with each other. Are we friends? Enemies? Strangers? We aren’t sure how to deal with each other.

I think it’s time we dragged it out in the open. It’s time for the drama, the discomfort and the hard feelings, if there were any, to end.

The helpers and community of Caledon are heartily welcomed to NCI, and I hope that for you at Caledon, that you may feel the same toward us, at NCI. While there is no plan for each of the communities to re-engage at a business level, I think that we, as communities should not mistake the past actions of some prominent people as being indicative of our own hearts. NCI has open arms and an open heart toward the members of Caledon Oxbridge.

We welcome you here. Come spend time with us.

We are still friends.

And I think it’s time for both the communities of Caledon and NCI to relax with each other, and re-open up to each other, and rekindle our ties. For those who have felt tension, let’s let it go. Now, if some individual members maybe aren’t yet at peace with it, I respect that, and give you the space you need, but know that you are welcome.

We need to remember what we do: We help welcome newcomers into Second Life. We give them information, we teach them skills, we help them form bonds. Why would we not continue to do so among ourselves?

I say we do.

So let’s let the drama slide, put politics aside, and simply focus on the reason we come to second life in the first place: fun relationships with like-minded people we enjoy.

I’m game, and I hope you are too.

Top 10 things NCI managment has done in the last 21 days

There have been many changes at NCI in the last 21 days. We have experienced significant accelerated growth in the last year and have made changes in management. Since August 28th, 2009, the following items are being addressed, or have been accomplished:

This is the short list of what we’ve done or are doing. Put succinctly: working our butts off and achieving great results.

See the announcement here: Top 10 things NCI managment has done in the last 21 days.

NCI Snow Country!

NCI acquires Snow Country!

NCI is opening a new brand new space, dubbed NCI Snow Country, located in Hughes. We are very pleased to thank Cory Flanagan for his very generous donation of 30,000 tier free square meters of beautifully landscaped snow land.

See the announcment here.

NCI, Roswell and Flat Earth Theory

I have found the following blog post. This is an example of what I call “Yammerhead Drama”

Below is a full analysis of the resignation of Carl Metropolitan as the Executive Director of NCI. Carl is the founder of NCI and developed it to it’s status from 2005 to 2009. He was forced out of power by the Woodbury University Group members that had infiltrated his organization and had become officers of NCI. The entire scheme was orchestrated by an unlikely character – Imnotgoing Sideways (Immy)

A group of friends go to a bar. One or two of them are acquainted the manager. They all drink a bit too much and get into argument. The next day, the bar closes, and then reopens under new management.

As is inevitable on the internet, people who have exactly zero clue of any of the reality of the situation, place themselves at the center of the universe. Not being equipped with even the most fundamental facts*, or the intent to apply the least bit of critical thinking, they doggedly mistake correlation for causation, and ascribe the change in management to the personalities involved in the argument. Read the rest of this entry »

NCI and Preventing Propaganda

Recently there has been a change of management at New Citizens Inc. Carl Metropolitan has stepped down and resigned the group. NCI is Second Life’s largest newcomer helping organisation. It’s also my home and my “second life family”.

Carl made the decision that he thought was right. While I’m personally deeply saddened, I accept that he’s no longer with us. Even though he is no longer here, NCI is, and there’s still work to be done, bills to be paid, a membership to be served.

The following is my own voice. I’m speaking for myself, not NCI. This is my personal blog, my personal thoughts, anyone caught trying to impute any of this as “NCI’s official position”, or imply that I have an agenda other than what I’m about to express, should be summarily dismissed as ignorant of the facts and a yammerhead. Honestly, I’m posting this to vent because I’m irritated that some people feeding off of this like drama leeches rather that simply acknowledging that people simply saw things in a different light.

So who the heck am I in relation to NCI? Here’s where I fit in: Read the rest of this entry »

Eloh Eliot gives away more free skins!

Eloh Eliot gives away (beautiful!) free skins!

Eloh Eliot gives away (beautiful!) free skins!

Starlight PSD, XCF, and AI files can be found on Eloh’s resources page—also be sure to check out the tutorials for getting started with Starlight. In-world, wearable Starlight skins are on the third floor of the Gnubie Store in Powder Mill or on her foggy parcel in Lippert. Off-world, Starlight skins are available via Xstreet.

And they’re all still free.

What’s changed in Starlight, from Pleiades:

  • New eyes (two options), nose (two options), lips, breasts (two options), navel, abs, and butt & kitty
  • New white and dark skin tones; greater contrast across all tones
  • New freckles
  • Easier makeup customization
  • Preset skin tones organized in Layer Comps (PSD only)

Marisino Mosuke at Kuula

Steely eyed Marisino Mosuke bravely fends of skeletal attackers at Kuula

Steely eyed Marisino Mosuke bravely fends of skeletal attackers at Kuula

A Machine’s Dream…

A Machine's Dream... Picture taken at Quite Oh's first exhibition  (as contributor)

A Machine's Dream... Picture taken at Quite Oh's first exhibition (as contributor)

Hey! Come see an exhibition! A Machine’s Dream… An organic steampunk ecosystem in a giant hat, invoking a sense of mysticism, of a lost world where machines and organic life became one. See Quite Oh has been up to for the last 14 days! Free presents too. Only open until Sept 30, 2009.

About this build. First, it was started and initiated by Spiral Walsher, who then invited a number of us to participate. Contributing were

Spiral Walcher
Quite Oh
Andrek Lowell
Jopsy Pendragon
Sleeves Rhode
Deson Bowenford
Darlingmonster Ember
Tormented Twilight
Janet Rossini
Jenrose Meredith

This was the first time I had basically no limit on the prims I could use, and boy did I indulge! :) Also, for my part I built all my part in about 13 days straight.

Things I’ve learned: Read the rest of this entry »

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