Eloh Eliot gives away more free skins!

Eloh Eliot gives away (beautiful!) free skins!

Eloh Eliot gives away (beautiful!) free skins!

Starlight PSD, XCF, and AI files can be found on Eloh’s resources page—also be sure to check out the tutorials for getting started with Starlight. In-world, wearable Starlight skins are on the third floor of the Gnubie Store in Powder Mill or on her foggy parcel in Lippert. Off-world, Starlight skins are available via Xstreet.

And they’re all still free.

What’s changed in Starlight, from Pleiades:

  • New eyes (two options), nose (two options), lips, breasts (two options), navel, abs, and butt & kitty
  • New white and dark skin tones; greater contrast across all tones
  • New freckles
  • Easier makeup customization
  • Preset skin tones organized in Layer Comps (PSD only)

Bogon Build, East of Odyssey. A fun-time build to check out.

Today, we get to play in the extraordinary build, created by blott Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. It’s a giant, self-building “city” that grows, decays and then rebuilds itself in a random manner. The texturing is great and there’s a lot of fun around this build. Lots of nooks and crannies for any photographer wanting to practice speed shooting, ’cause you never know when it’s going to fall apart on you! I recommend this as a totally fun build to check out. As we were there, the builder showed up. I just had to pounce on take the occasion to speak with him. Transcript as follows.

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

Bogon build, East of Odysey! A really fun must-see!

[13:42] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And the really cool thing is that it breaks apart and drifts up periodically in certain locations

[13:43] Marisino Mosuke shouts: And then rebuilds itself completely differently

[13:43] Quite Oh: Wow!

[13:43] Jaco Schaffner shouts: I’m already lost in the maze

[13:50] Quite Oh: And the sheer randomness of it gives it’s its own lfavour

[13:55] Jaco Schaffner: someone is creating a new ‘nature’ here

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: It all disintegrated

[13:56] Marisino Mosuke: Rebuilding now

[13:57] Jaco Schaffner shouts: the eye stalk is looking at me

[13:57] Marisino Mosuke shouts: Face?

[13:58] Quite Oh shouts: Did you miss the big mouth with huge teeth and a tongue?

[13:59] Jaco Schaffner shouts: it’s alive!

[14:01] Jaco Schaffner: Maris the builder is here

[14:01] Quite Oh shouts: JUMP HIM! HERE’S HERE
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Kick butt pose at Sugar Mill

I was hanging out a bit earlier at Sugar Mill with Anicia Medici, Necia Harchester (both pictured here) and Omaire Abattoir. Fun people! as I was wandering around, I caught Anicia touching up another free pose. This one kicks-ass. (Literally). You can get her kick-ass animation at her store.

Free Kick-butt pose in Second Life!

Free Kick-butt pose in Second Life!

Sugar Mill Grove: Free poses and animations

I have two primary interests in Second Life. The first is to be a newcomer helper, mostly, at NCI. The second is that I enjoy photography. That said, I keep an eye open for freebies that I can point new people to, and I keep an eye open for free poses and animations in Second Life.

With that in mind, how can I avoid mentioning that Sugar Mill Grove is giving away free animations and poses.

I thank Anicia Medici for her generosity, and creativity. Based on what I’ve seen in her store, her particular bent is not the so-frequent glamour poses that we see, but group poses, or creative and dorky stuff. Fun stuff is good!

Check out the animations, and when you download the 15 free animations, either buy one that pleases you, to reward her, or simply send her a thank you note. People often forget that freebies take time, work and energy to created. Nothing quite warms the heart as someone who expresses their appreciation of it.

Sugar Grove Mills is giving away 15 free Second Life poses

Whoops! Noticed later that they are dollarbies. Still a great deal!

Free Second Life Skins at Fleur

When I first came to Second Life, I had the look of the time: About 3 feet tall, ugly red mesh hair and pasty skin. I was born as a Ruth, the default avatar shape. My vanity being what it is, you can quite imagine that as soon as I saw some of the prettier AVs at Ahern, that I wanted to change my look.

When you’re brand spanking new, you have no money, no clue. You just don’t know where to start. I was lucky enough to find Tete a Pied, a store that gave away a really nice skin for newbies under 30 days. CJ Carnot who now runs Fleur (use to be Tete at Pied) continues the tradition of giving away an excellent free skin for Second Life beginners.

I’d like to thanks and honour CJ for this. Of course it’s good advertising, of course it creates loyalty and good will. More importantly, though, it demonstrates a community spirit, and attitude of giving, sharing and generosity toward newcomers.

Free Skins for Second Life newbies at Fleur

Free Skins for Second Life newbies at Fleur

Thank you.

So come and get your lovely free skins at Fleur.